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Nintendo Gamecube in 2019 - Still holds up?

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Nintendo's 2001 console has never looked more crisp!


Nintendo ceased production of the Gamecube in 2007, 12 years later...does it still hold up?

Thanks to the efforts of Shmups user Unseen, the Gamecube has a new lease of life! Unseen successfully reverse engineered the infamously priced official Nintendo component cables for the Gamecube, these cables were only produced in Japan and are only compatible with the DOL-001 Model via the digital AV out. So if you want crystal clear picture quality , you're going to need to make sure you have a DOL-001 model Gamecube. 



You can expect to pay in the range of £200 - £300 for the scarse official component cable


It's a great shame that Nintendo never fully utilised this under appreciated masterpiece, the first company to release the technology on a mainstream console would be Sony's Playstation 3, Nintendo were way ahead of their time with the component cable. Unfortunately, the digital AV output was barely utilised and removed from later hardware revisions. It's worth noting that outside Japan during the Gamecubes lifespan HD TV was not common, the rest of the world often play catch up with Japan when it comes to the tech industry..



Windwaker, anyone?


Several companies have utilised the work of Unseen to produce their own Gamecube HD options, with varying prices from around £70 to £130. It's worth noting though, the technology used in these devices is exactly the same, you're not going to get a better picture quality by spending more. You may however get more features built in to get more bang for your buck with the more expensive models.

At the lower price point you can grab a HDMy Cube or Carby for around £70 and for a more premium price you can grab a GCHD by E.O.N for around £120, They justify this price by adding new features and hardware revisions. I personally own the HDMy Cube and that does a perfect job, an 18 year old console never looked so good! 


Youtube channel Oatburner provides a comparison between standard composite and component output 


All in all, if you're as mad about the Gamecube as i am, definitely grab one of these. Even £70 is alot for what is essentially a cable, but it's a worthwhile investment which will bring several years more life into your trusty old Gamecube.

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