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Real Talk: The state of my blog and the future of it.



I first off wanna say thanks to everyone who have created the Ember Community Site. When I first started with this group, it was first known as The British Nerd Network, a community dedicated to pop culture content and streamers on Twitch and Mixer. It was the first major community I have ever joined since failing to join one prior to this one and one that I enjoyed. I met a lot of great members who I still follow on Twitch to this day and has helped me a lot with my mental health and streaming as well. To this day, I can proudly say that no community I have ever seen or been in has ever focused so much about mental health than BNN and of course Ember. When I heard BNN is disbanded, I was bummed out, but much like the name itself, Ember became a community I joined in from the gecko. I never really had a prominent role as a member of Ember, however, I strongly support the group because of the members involve and how extraordinary each members are. 

When I started "Xeno's Awesome Report", I did it with the intention of displaying my literature skills (how poor it might be at times, HA), and my joy about gaming and pop culture. I thought of doing lists since making a list is usually what I have off the top of my head, and see this as a script for a future YouTube channel I wanted to create. It was fun and balance time with work and professional wrestling training. It helped me forget about the negative things of life, plus present a new content that I can do besides streaming. I would spend hours typing, even doing my break at work, trying to come up with topics from anything that comes off the top of my head, mostly historical moments or opinions. There were outstanding posts I have made, and I felt super proud at the special Black Cosplay Appreciation Month, which has a whopping combine total views of 1,175, hoping that those who help participated gotten the recognition that they deserve.

It has been over a month since my last post, and over 4 months since an original post has been made. I fall over into depression and stress due to CO-VID 19, the effects of Black Lives Matters and the Me Too movement, and the vast crime spree here in NYC after the defund of the NYPD. Add in more stress from work, the lack of stability of my depression and anxiety off my ex and a Japanese Maid Idol, family, and the studies from college, and things really get difficult to come up with anything since my emotions are scattered like straws in the wind. I always tell myself to come up with something to write about, however, I barely gone into it since I intend on getting my YouTube page going by doing video editing and try to work on my resume/e-portfolio in attempt to get a better job and someday travel. So the question is what will happen to my writer's block channel. Does it mean that it is over? 

I don't believe it is meant to end anytime soon. In fact, I always like getting a chance to present my work and post them up for others to check out, comment, ask questions, etc. It's a great way to be able to connect with others and hoping that those who seen my work would someday speak up about it. I may not be able to post as frequent as I was once because of what I am going through right now, however, I have been working on a project that I am hoping would succeed in the future. I am doing my best to write about the profile of several fighting game characters since I have been inspired by a YouTube channel who covers the history of fighting game characters inside the video game. And since I can't be able to get another appreciation month going, I figure, screw it, let's do something awesome and make a Cosplayer of the Month segment where Cosplayers who participate will be on my blog as a way to show appreciation to their craft and maybe someone you might not have ever seen. There's a lot to work on and I may not be able to get a new post up until 2021, but I am working on it and I do hope you all are around to check it out. As always folks, Be Awesome, Stay Awesome.


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