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Hey everyone! And welcome back to another article of TODAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!!!



Today marks the 35 year anniversary of Gradius released in Japanese arcade. Gradius took a spin of space shooting games, focusing on Horizontal shooting, upgrades, and a twist on bullet storm gaming. Games would be created with Gradius mechanics and Gradius itself would soon have several sequels down the road.



Today marks the 21 year anniversary of what is known as the worst superhero and Nintendo 64 game of all time, Superman 64. Based off the popular animated series on the WB network, now the CW, and comic book hero, Superman 64 was a repetitive boring and broken game that was marked as the worst game to ever come out of the N64 lineup and out of the Warner Brothers studio. Sadly, the Man of Steel himself would never be in great superhero games unless he is teamed up with his fellow Justice League members.



And today marks the 5 year anniversary of Splatoon. The adorable looking inklings became one of Nintendo's original games since the release of Pikman back in 2002. It was Nintendo's first attempt at a multiplayer shooter game with a kid friendly twist. And has been nominated and won numerous awards, including best shooter, beating out Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefield, on a console that had the weakest sales among the three. Splatoon would later have a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, but it's introduction to the Nintendo family was well received and still popular to this day.


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