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Hey everyone and welcome to this day in gaming where we take a look at games from the past and their significance on the gaming universe. So with that said, it's time for THIS DAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!






Today marks the 20 year anniversary of Street Fighter EX 2 released on the PS1. The game was praised by fans and critics of the Street Fighter EX series and one of Akira's best released game under the Street Fighter partnership. A step up on the graphics and visual and robust gameplay thou some lackluster originality and new features, Street Fighter EX 2 is still highly regarded as one of the best in the ill forgotten 3D era of Street Fighter games. 




Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Modnation Racers and Blur. Blur is released on multiple consoles and focus on arcade like racing using manufactured cars from companies like Ford or Toyota. They emphasize on speed and powerups to win the race. Meanwhile Modnation Racers is for the PS3 only, and allow players to customize their character, cart, and racetrack to their creativity and liking, sort of like LittleBigPlanet but without sack boy ruining the fun of racing. It holds a story mode and is consider to be one of the toughest racing game on the market for it's tough A.I and ridiculous challenges in the story mode. 




And today marks the 4 year anniversary of Pokemon Go beta testing. The popular AR game was created in an opportunity to play off the mobile phone and encourage people to travel outside and play. While the game is a major hit, it does have controversial moments regarding the safety and the players awareness of their surroundings, so much so that the developers of the game has issue a warning to always pay attention off the phone and don't play while driving. 


And that'll do it for today. Be sure to come back for more THIS DAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!!!!!


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