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Top 5 Fighting Games that needs an Extra Story Mode DLC


With the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath around the corner, Netherrealm has shown that a fighting game story can continue after hours of completing the cinematic specuatal a player journey through, with wild predictions of what will happen after the ending. This marks the first time a fighting game continues the story via DLC, since fighting games would release a new game with a story intact. The truth is we needed a DLC story mode for these games in the first place, as it captures the hardcore and casual fanbase who enjoys these games from the characters or story presented and wanted to know more of what is going on. A new antagonist to defeat, returning and new characters to be introduced, and a possibility of shifting the story to what was something minor or frustrating at first to something huge and major can keep the game more relevant before the next installment of the series. Here are 5 games that are in need of an extra story mode DLC.



5.) Dead or Alive 6

While Dead or Alive 6 focuses a lot on the costumes, the story, while lackluster, was okay and the ending centering around what the newest character NiCO was plotting with Helena left on a cliffhanger. Still, Dead or Alive 6 does have potential, especially since DOA has brought in special guest characters from other franchises, mostly the King of Fighter games. A crossover between DOA and KOF would help the franchise a lot, since it would allow popular characters such as Kyo, Iroi, and Terry Bogard to cross over to the DOA world, and more female characters such as King, Yuri, Leona, and Athena would help represent the female character fan-base. The idea of using the Orochi bloodline is perfect since characters like Hayabusa, having experience fighting demons and monsters outside of his participation in the Dead or Alive tournament. If DOA could keep their DLC to something affordable compared to the costume packages they release monthly, and have a good story, DOA could put themselves back on the map.



4.) Blazblue

Of all the anime fighting games out there, none are more frustrating to look forward to than the Blazblue games, one that had an amazing run with their first three games, before toppling over with more releases that didn’t make sense, since several characters were from other source of media, media that the western players may not be able to obtain. Newer characters were released and while some had amazing game-play, the story was a mess and confusing, with some character’s personalities stripped or altered, and some having poor purpose for being in the story after the second release. An ending to the Blazblue series is possibly needed, and while another Blazblue release could help with the series, a DLC sounds better since the game already has a large list of characters in their fighting games, and adding in more characters could spell confusion or disaster for the story. We need a climax for the series and one that could be for affordable pricing could help end the series once and for all, before a possible reboot is in call for, just like how Guilty Gear creators have done with their game.



3.) Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The Power Rangers story was great. Take one of the Rangers greatest threat name Drakkon who wanted ultimate power off the morphing grid, seemly kill off several characters in the Power Rangers universe, bring in characters from all Power Rangers media source, including the recent Power Rangers Movie, and you have yourself one huge battle for not just the world, but the entire dimension. Power Rangers could do another story mode for their game, one that can consist of a new villain wanting to take over the world. Characters like Emperor Grumm, Trakeena, Astronema, or our favorite Lord Zedd could serve as the main villain of the DLC and this could bring in more characters from other Power Ranger series, including Lost Galaxy, Jungle Fury, Dino Charge, or the recent series Beast Morphers and Dino Fury. The more fan favorites popping in, the more thrilling the game and story can be.


2.) Skullgirls

Although it has been years since Skullgirls has had an update to their DLC with new characters, the story is still something that is absent from the game, since the story can be done based on each character, similar to what Blazblue and Guilty Gear has done with their game. However, a linear story mode, similar to what top level games has done, is helpful as we get a chance to know what happen to each characters and what the main story is all about, and how the game would properly end, instead of a knock off 4th wall breaking with two girls playing Skullgirls, and a figure representing one of the characters in the game appears playing as their mother. It’s great that Skullgirls has a good story, a great guessing to how things went, and a dedicated fan-base, but going from the start to finish, with a theory as to how the story actually ends, could boost this game and sales, and a possible call for another sequel.


1.) Street Fighter V


Street Fighter V did release a story mode for DLC, but the truth is, Capcom didn’t need to do that in the first place. Instead of a story mode, we were treated with a single character story which only involved the characters having 1 or 2 fights and is very very short, a blasphemy to what Street Fighter is all about. Although Street Fighter has left a satisfying end, with an anticipating new story centering around Gil, Street Fighter instead has brought in characters for DLC. It’s great that we received new characters, but the thought of a continuing story would have been better, especially since characters like Urien and Gil would later be released and playable to the public. Even characters such as Seth or Poison would have been perfect for the new storyline, focusing on Seth looking for revenge on a character who is long gone, or a Poison starting up her own wrestling promotion with a former M.A.D. Gear Gang member. Street Fighter V would have been the perfect catalyst for future DLC characters or sequel, setting up the bridge for a sequel down the line.


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