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Scaling, Widgets and Motion Capture



So it's time for the first update of hopefully many! I've been getting work done over the past few days, admittedly not as much as I would have hoped for, but something is better than nothing!


So, yesterday I spent making widgets that could pop up once a tutorial mode has been selected. There's not many different types - Cuts, Guards and Drill 1 for practical lessons, and for the theory lessons there is the 4 governors, 4 grounds and true times of a fight. I began with making the widgets for the Cuts, as these are the easiest to describe to a user, and as I was trying to cut down on how many I made I wished to implement all 8 cuts into one widget. To do this I attempted adding an animation which cycles through each text box hiding and displaying the relevant one at the correct time, however when it came to actually displaying this it always glitched out and not hiding any layers, making one big mess of numbers.

Nothing I did would fix this, so I've reverted back to one widget per cut, and as there's 8 there's a lot of widgets now! I have now realised this is a better route anyway, as I can only display the next prompt once the user has successfully been through the correct action, instead of only having a 5 second time limit to try to learn in. I am in the process of creating the hit boxes that register if the user has performed correctly or not, and the blueprints to summon these and the widgets into existence are working successfully!


Today I continued on with the widgets, however I noticed one big issue whenever I tested out my levels - When you open the world it's huge, and you feel like an ant in a giant's world. Clearly this was a scaling issue, and after some time finding out standard player height for Unreal Engine is, I managed to go through each level and correctly scale everything down, by approximately 50%. The feel of the world is much more natural now and I'm glad I spotted this now, instead of further down the line where I'll have to edit where anything spawns as well.


Finally, I had a meeting with my supervisor for this project yesterday, and for the most part this was pretty standard - just reviewing a previous hand-in for the write up side of the project, going through things to change and such. Then he brought up something that I'm super excited to be involved in - the motion capture element of this build. Now, the original plan was to use the motion capture facility the university has, it's a bit basic but gets the job done, and I'd have to clean up any footage captured, which to be honest I have no idea how to do as I've got zero experience with mocap. Last week he had hinted that the university was in talks with an external motion capture specialist studio about using their faculties, and yesterday he confirmed this is indeed going ahead! They would film everything, and clean up my footage ready to be imported straight into my project, to call it a lifesaver would be an understatement! Immediately I pulled together a shot list for what I require to be sent off to them and hopefully I'll be hearing back soon about a date later this month to start filming!


That's all for now, folks! I'll be continuing on with playing around with widgets in the meantime, as there's a lot to create, and hopefully should have a more productive update for you all in a few days time!


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