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A Push for Productivity



So today I find myself back in front of my PC after just over a week away, loading up Unreal Engine ready to work on my project.

Only there was one problem, something was missing...

My productivity.

Now this is an issue for a variety of reasons, the main one being I have a hard deadline to complete it - April 30th. Also, this is essentially my equivalent of a dissertation, I need this to finish my degree in May.

So, I've come up with a plan to push myself into action, because I damn well need to! What is this plan you may ask, well, you're reading it right now. I plan to post on here at least once a week with progress updates and screenshots of my work for you all to see.

Now then, time to fill you lot in on all the details.

What is the project?

I'm building a Virtual Reality traditional sword fighting training game that will help provide tutoring on the grading syllabus, used either in coordination with standard classes, or for those interested in the sport but not yet been to training. It's being built for the Oculus Quest though it has easy potential to be ported over to the Rift as well. I'm basing the system on English Country Backswording, which is something I have been training in for the past 4 years. I'm focusing on implementing all the training required to complete the first grading due to the time limit, though further grading levels can easily be added at a later stage. I'm building it on Unreal Engine as I used it last year for my previous VR game - Castle Seige, which while not complete, a video of which can be found on my YouTube channel. I will also be implementing some motion capture footage to act as a guide to users on how to properly move.

What I've done so far

  • Training rooms are built and textured
  • Menu system is working for the most part
  • Assets have been gathered
  • Theory content overlays have been made

Things still to complete

  • Volume bar in setting menu needs functionality
  • Implement timings and prompts for theory content
  • Create overlays for practical content
  • Capture MoCap footage + clean it up
  • Import MoCap into project
  • Implement timings and prompts for practical content
  • Add tracking hitboxes for each practical move
  • More to be added


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Add a secret ending that's just a gigantic explosion. That way if someone finds it, he won't be able to truly view it, since his PC will freeze.


Gotta keep the secret ending a secret after all.

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