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Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet Blade



When people grow up, they feel that adulthood takes over, that play time is over and it's time to get series about life (careers, homes, food, relationship). What little time we have for play is replace with the need to improve ourselves and the need to be secure in the future. But study shows that play is essential for adults, activities and hobbies can help improve one's mental health as well as psychical too. What better what to keep a strong mental health than cosplaying. This is Blade, a cosplayer who enjoys cosplaying, not just for the representation, but for the fun and like minded individuals. You can find Blade on Facebook under Michael Osborne and follow him on Instagram at Mxo24. Here is his story:

"I work at an airport and work


I went to my first comic con and saw a lot of people in cosplay and wanted to be part of it. However there weren't a lot of black heroes to present. So I researched and tried Luke cage which was normal and eventually stepped up as blade as my to go guy. Cosplaying feels like your present you artwork to a gallery and meeting like minded individuals. I had hoped to find a girlfriend from socializing there (lol). Every time I see people in cosplay, I cant help but try to improve it more each year. I don't know when I'll stop but I having fun!


People thinking I'm acting like a kid or thinking it's unethical. I was scared of what my family would think but they were okay with and knew I was a responsible man.


I hope to make an armor-based hero or futuristic samurai. I hope to win a cosplay competition.."


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