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Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet Jamarri

There are many reasons as to why people would get involve in cosplaying. Yet, those who cosplay for the greater good such as lifting the spirits of sick children in the hospital or getting involve in a charity event is more the ever so special. Today, we meet Jamarri, a cosplayer who has done the latter of the two and since then has been cosplaying for all his life up to this day. You can find Jamarri on Facebook at JuiceManCosplay and on Instagram at juiceman_cosplay. Here is his story:

"I'm a print designer by trade; currently working for SEIU 1199 New England, the Healthcare Employees Union as their Communication Specialist - I handle all outgoing communications to members as well as maintaining our website and social media content


I've been attending cons since 2011, but decided to cosplay as Insomniac Spiderman for the first time in 2017 at a local con. I met up with a friend who introduced me to his friend who was looking for cosplayers to photograph and/or join a charity group called 'The Band of Heroes'. I dived head first into cosplaying then and haven't looked back.


Being a person of color, we get a lot of backlash for cosplaying characters who aren't POC. There's also the skill gap being sort of new to it all; crafting with foam and sewing are something I'm working on now.


I enjoy cosplaying and attending cons as an escape from everyday life; but would love to partner up with a company or two in the future!"


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