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Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet Mandygirlsmiles



Cosplaying can sometimes bring a vibrant ray of energy from those who always wanted to get involve. It's the opportunity to finally become that character you always watched on the screen or in art form and bring them to life. For Mandygirlsmiles, it's something that she loves and enjoys and something that has help bring her creativity and attitude to life. You can follow her on Instagram at Mandygirlsmiles and on Facebook at Amanda Whitley. Here's her story:


" Hello My name is Amanda. I am 34 yrs old from NYC. I work as a scheduling coordinator for a hospice. I am a proud mama to an 11 year old girl who also cosplays. I love all things nerdy obscure and different. My face cosplays so far is Squirrel girl, my Hellgirl, my peach raider, and cannabis ivy lol.



I've always been a fan of costumes (Halloween is my fave) My love for geek culture drives me too. I wanted to meet like minded individuals. I also had a wish to expand my creativity. I enjoy cosplay I've never looked back!




I am not a stickler for accuracy, more so the art of bringing these characters to life. Sometimes I can get over ambitious and become overwhelmed. But when I complete a cosplay I feel complete and proud. I can be a procrastinator but when I have an idea in my head I must execute it. Last year I started embracing using my own hair in my cosplays. I was hesitant at first, being me and my hair haven't always had the best relationship. I was overwhelmed with the love and look forward to rocking my fro as much as possible. Proudly shining through with my Afro Latina roots :)



I see cosplay being more accepting. Soon I hope it becomes totally colorblind. We are all nerds once and for all. I wish the hate and cosplay snobs disappear. COSPLAY IS FOR ALL Two I hope to continue to grow in my crafting and armor work."


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