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Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month Intro



Every February, the US celebrates Black History Month, a dedication to those who push the boundaries of civil rights and equality in all forms of political, entertainment, education, invention, crafts, and physical feats. Many people will remember the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, to athletes such as Jackie Robinson, Jessie Owens, Muhammad Ali, to musicians such as Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald and many many  more important people. We always have someone to look up to and not only give thanks to their contributions, but also inspiration and dedication to their believes of what they love doing and what they believe in. Yet for this month, we look into something that is part of the crafts and something that centers are geek culture, cosplaying. For this month, we look at four (or more) cosplayers who explain in their own words what got them involve in cosplaying, the struggles of being a cosplayer either by their own personal problems or challenges by hecklers, and their take about cosplaying in the future. While I and many others who helped out accept all cosplayers of all color, gender, size, disabilities, and sexual orientation, we take a look at those of colored cosplayers and celebration their contributions and many others who enjoy participating in this amazing hobby that brought joys and wonders to those who have interest in cosplaying or has aspiration of being a cosplayer. For all those involve, we say thanks!


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