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Are you a keen writer? Do you enjoy writing short stories and poems? Or perhaps you like to review games or showcase your cosplay tutorials.

You might just like to relax and share your thoughts and feelings with your followers - in which case 'Writers Blocks' are the feature for you.


On Ember, we want to give our users as many ways to create content and express themselves as possible. 'Writers Blocks' are one of many ways we hope to achieve this. Whether you're a gamer, streamer, cosplayer, artist, game developer, community host, writer, designer or all of the above - you can use 'Writers Blocks' to share your experiences with your followers and the rest of Ember.


Setting up a 'Writers Block'

Getting started with a 'Writers Block' couldn't be any simpler! Head over to "Writers Blocks" and click "Create Writers Block," name your block, write a small description and BANG! Your very own 'Writers Block' will be created!





Above, you will see how a default 'Writers Block' looks. First things first, customisation! Start to brand it by uploading a header photo (recommended size for image is 1920 x 1080)! Using this ratio ensures that your 'Writers Block' looks great on every type of device, as well as giving you room to adjust as you see necessary!




Once created, your 'Writers Block' will appear under a tab on your profile, displayed as above. Have a go at posting! we will create an in depth tutorial on creating content for your Writers Block soon!

Posting Rules:

Whilst we appreciate many people will post all kinds of content using their Writers Blocks, we have prohibited the use of Writers Blocks for political discourse or affiliations, that means to say; Writers blocks discussing, advertising or promoting political parties and affiliations on either side of the spectrum will simply be removed without warning.

We understand the importance of politics and the huge role it plays in all of our lives however; Ember is a place to remove ourselves from the stress and toxicity that inherently comes with political discourse, Video games have always played a huge role in escapism and distraction from unpleasant realities, Ember is to be no different.

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