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Ember Getting Started - Profile basics



Hey Goobs!

In this instructional we're going to go over how to edit your Ember profile! 
Follow the instructions below and make the most out of Ember!




Profile and Cover Photos


First of all, upload yourself a profile picture and cover photo! Did you know...you can now upload animated profile pictures and cover photos?


Neat huh?



Recommended size for cover photos are 1300 width x 300 height


"About Tab"

The "About" tab on your profile consist of 3 sections: a "Long Bio", pinned favourite game titles and any social media links you may have.
Your location and "Short Bio" can also be edited within these settings.

- Head to your Ember profile > click on "About"

- Click on the cog icon to the right of "About -your username-"



The "Long Bio" is your long description, displayed at the top of the "About" tab. Here, you can write to your heart's content! The "Short Bio" refers to the little body of text underneath your profile picture, keep this short and sweet! Your "Country" is self explanatory, select yours from the list!


Adding Social Links


Head to the "About" tab on your Ember profile > you will see "Find me here" click the cog icon to the right



Add the social media links you deem relevant to you! You do NOT need to include entire URL's, Ember takes care of this for you

For example: Twitter does not need the URL or the "@" - just add your username! The only exception is a personal website where you would add the full URL

Once you have saved your changes, you can pin the social link you deem most important to you beneath your profile picture. It could be your Twitch handle, Xbox gamertag, or even a direct link to your website. Click the red pin icon to the right of one of your social links... 


...it is done:



Adding Games!


To begin adding the games you love to your profile, click the controller icon on the Navbar.


This will bring you to the Game Library below:




Click the little Heart Icon on any game to add it as one of your favourites on your profile!

Do not worry if you do not see the game you want, request it to be added here


Adding your super-duper favourite games!


We all have games we love to play, but what about those with a special place in our hearts, the ones that give you those fuzzy nostalgic feelings? We have a place for those too!

Once you have added some games to your profile, a "Games" tab will appear on the left of your profile:


Clicking on the "Games" tab will show you the list of games you added from the database


Click on the PIN icon on any game you wish to list as your "super-duper-favourite"



This will list up to 5 "super-duper-favourites" within your about section, like so!






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