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Construct PRO - Oh no!



Developer/Publisher: EnterUserNamePlease

Genre: Early Access, Construction, Simulation, 

Price: £5.79 

PC - Steam 

<ENTER TITLE HERE> - This means I should enter some witty and clever title for this game. Erm...

The idea of the game is to build a vehicle that is able to take you over an obstacle course using a computerised version of a Meccano set. It is currently on Early Access on Steam for £5.79. Being a geek and someone that loves to play with Lego, I thought this game would be great to share as my first PC game review for Indie Forge. 

There is no tutorial level/mission but there are videos that show you what to do and try to support you. I personally feel that the game would be great as a virtual reality game but in its current state as a PC game, the developers have a long way to go in order to make this a game “playable”. You begin the game with different pieces of Meccano. You spend ages trying to screw two pieces of metal together and even then, you will have to move it slightly in order to get the screw into the hole you want. I feel that a tutorial or at least a set of objectives to support you initially would be a great thing to add here. Once you have created some kind of contraption, you are then presented with an obstacle course. No matter what you do at the start, the game selects a random course so you always have to go back to the drawing board and adapt your machine. 




The game is a great concept and being able to build something to take you across a map sets the challenge. You are able to build your model just floating in the air. Once you think you are finished, you can activate 'Gravity mode' which will allow you to see your flaws and adapt accordingly before taking to the map. During the game, the camera movement can be cumbersome and won't move into the direction you want it to. The keys to move the camera are all over the place and no you can not set your key bindings. Whilst holding a piece of Meccano, you cannot move the camera so you need to plan ahead and move the camera into a position that allows you to see your shelf for the piece you want and where you want to place it. 


Although my time playing the game is low – 68 minutes – this felt like hours and this wasn’t a good feeling – especially as I had to try and figure things out for myself.



Game is a great concept. Personally, just don't feel it should be classed as Early Access in its current state. Maybe an Alpha or Beta style of game? Being able to build a machine that can complete the course is your challenge but, currently there are no rewards for completing it. This game would be fantastic in VR and the Meccano pieces would fit well with the hand movements, but the keyboard controls and mouse make this game frustrating in its current state. 

If more updates happen or when the game comes out of Early  Access, I am more than happy to give the game ago again and I really hope that I will be writing a blog to retract all the negative comments in this one. 

Trailer: Here

Full Disclaimer: This game was provided free for review purposes. Thank you to EnterUserNamePlease for providing me with a key for the game. 


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