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Best Gaming Moments of 2019




Only a few days away from the milestone year of 2020. Now last post I talked about the worst moments of gaming. Well it's time to turn a 180 and focus on the best moments of gaming. What could make things better than Government intervention and a terrible TOS policy? Let's find out. 


10 E3 press conference shines


While E3 did had a slump due to Sony's absence and a poor opening to the weekend, E3 did have some shiny moments, including some that went balls to the wall. With Sony away, Microsoft and Nintendo had the opportunity to display what they have in store without certain trailers being repeated. Games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Smash Bros getting a huge ovation for one actor or character involved, and new announcements were made which included a new console coming out by Microsoft. 


Devolver continues their weird presentation as a yearly movie for 30 minutes. But Square Enix took the cake with their numerous announcements including Final Fantasy VII remake trailer and gameplay, Avengers release, Dragon Quest spin offs and several HD remixes. 


While Sony no showing E3 may have hurt the convention weekend, it gave us an opportunity to see what other companies were capable of if we never noticed it and how dedicated and passionate they have for gaming. Hopefully in 2020, E3 would become bigger. 


9 EA releases a Good Star Wars game


Sure, we'll always pick on EA, poking fun at the company for making below par games, killing off our favorite game or franchise, and being named worst company of the year in two straight occasions, but every now and then there's a diamond in the rough that we underlook


At E3, EA has revealed their latest Star Wars Trailer which is an action adventure game. EA didn't have a strong mark when it comes to their Star War games with their last release being disastrous and afterward cancelling on a Star Wars project right afterward. Still, like the rebels in Star Wars and ever last Jedi, there were some hope that this game is the one and slowly started to pick up fan fare. 


Days after release and it's a mega hit! Star Wars:Fallen Order have felt like a Star War games fans wanted it all this time, being able to have an adventure like a Jedi, using Jedi powers, fighting for the resistance, and even exploring different words. That's basically Star Wars in a nutshell. Sure, it was the company that helped brought out another mega hit Apex Legend, but still EA had their paw prints on it and like a Jedi master, they're able to give hope and preservation that we the pupils wanted to have for a long long time. For that, Thanks EA. Hopefully the Force would continue to be with you. 


8 Shanghai Dragons wins their first game


Nothing beats the satisfaction of 'The First'. Your first kill in a shooting game. Your first victory at a tournament bracket. Your first championship win. The feeling of winning it all after all the hard work and dedicated you put make that first everlasting satisfying. Especially when you've never been considered a contender in the first place. 


The Shanghai Dragons were shamefully honored as the first, and at this point, the only team to never win a single game at the Overwatch league. Now that's Cleveland Brown league standards. Each time when it felt they were getting that first victory, especially in a tiebreaker match, they just fall short to capitalize a win. Few have hope for the team, many have considered them the worst of all time. It would take a lot to turn this lowly team around in the next season. Shanghai would get a new team, new coaching staff, and a new hope only to lose their first two games during the first stage of the second season. However, things shockingly change in their third game of the new season. On February 23rd, The Shanghai Dragons would win their first game of the Overwatch League against the Boston Uprising, winning the series 3-1. It was a shocking moment and a monumental day, fans were crying out of joy, teams from all over the league congratulation the Dragons on winning their first game, including the Uprising themselves. But what came afterward was unexpected.


Shanghai would reach the stage 2 playoffs, losing to the eventual winner of the stage, the San Francisco Shock, and would return as the huge underdog of stage 3, beating out New York Excelsiors, Vancouver Titans, and the San Francisco Shock to win the stage 3 finals. Shanghai would make it to the play-in playoffs for a wild card spot to the Grand Finals tournament, but would be eliminated from contention. 


Shanghai really turned things around in 2019, and had fans believed in the hype. Even I, a strong NYXL fan, have believed in the hype and slowly became a Dragons fan after their first victory and know how great this team can be. For that, the Dragons will always rise!


7 Great revival games


2019 has showed that even games from the past do deserve to make a comeback ever now and then, and these games proved how much we enjoyed a good ol remake. 


In this year alone we have seen classical games from the Playstation 1 era getting a remake. Games such as Resident Evil 2, Crash Team Racing, Final Fantasy VIII has an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the masses, bringing back nostalgia to gamers who played them in past consoles while opening up a new fan base to their genre. Link’s Awakening change the art direction and landscape of the Zelda games, making one of the most beautiful design games Nintendo has ever produced. And games such as Ni No Kuni and Catherine from the last generation of consoles and even WOW Classic, has continued the excitement of classic gaming turning into modern sensation.


Since the hype of old games getting the HD remix is still fresh in the minds of all gamers today, several companies have announced remakes of classical hit games which includes Resident Evil 3. Hopefully more companies would follow the trend and all old games to get one last hooray before the new generation of gaming comes around in 2020.


6 Year of Indie games


It maybe very cliche with each year passing by, but by far this is one of the best years for Indie game.


This year alone we have some of the best games people have put out for our entertainment and our awareness. Games that capture social knowledge of pain, struggle, and challenges such as Gris or Prism while other brings laughter and joy such as Cadence of Hyrule and Untitled Goose Game. 


It seems that each year, small developer team are given a chance to shine and show their imagination, creativity, skills, and passion for gaming. And compared to big title games in the industry that Capcom, Square Enix, and Naughty Dog put out, these small studios can prove they can hang with the big boys even with little budget they have. Especially when said game stole the show like...


5 The Disco Elysium award show


Say what you will about the award show, but for one night, no company has ever done a sweep like this indie game has ever did. Disco Elysium is an indie roleplaying game developed by Za/Um studio, centering around you as a cop cracking cases within the city. During the award, the small company were going up against some of the most popular and strong contenders for some of the awards including Death Stranded, the Outer Worlds, and Control. Shockingly, Disco Elysium beat off top contenders and easily won best Indie game of the year, sweeping their nomination to a 4 out of 4 victory.


The idea of an indie game beating out Triple A title games can be shocking for sure, and had it gone for Game of the Year, which is going on for IGN at this point, it might have won. While many would say that the award show is rigged, I highly go against it since of course this is fan voted, and the amount of fan support Disco Elysium had pretty much open the doors to those who have never heard of the game to get  a chance and check it out. So here’s to an Indie company who has the best chance of pulling out the impossible and hope that the game itself and do more to give support to an indie studio.


4 oLarry return to esports competition


After the tragic shooting during a Madden competition, oLarry received major hand injury that has altered his gaming prowess. With the possibility of never competing in a high level competition, oLarry took option B and decide to alter his games and controller to keep up with the competition. Within months, oLarry returned to Esports competition and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers Esports team in NBA2K series.    


oLarry controller has been modified to work with his disability and showed that anyone can make a return to gaming after such a tragedy. His inspiration and determination has lead him to win the inaugural best Esports moment award at the ESPN's ESPY awards. 


For sheer determination, grits, and guts to not only survive a horrific moment in gaming but push on through and make it big in Esports, oLarry gets a spot on this list for his efforts. Game on man. 


3 Riot games massive announcements


Riot games has always been known for one game and one game alone, League of Legends. As they celebrate their 10 year anniversary and being the top Esports games, Riot games lay a smackdown that we all might have never expected at all. 


It seems that MOBA games aren't the only genre Riot wanted to focus on, as news broke out that Riot games have been working on several other games at their studios, including a tactical shooting game and a fighting game. Riot has shaken the world with this earth trembling news and may soon shatter it once we hear more about it in the future. The secret was blown before announcement, but in either case it's a great chance for this one game studio wonder to expand and prove they can create more than just League of Legends 


2 Hideo Kojima return to prominent status


When Hideo Kojima left Konami, it brought a lot of backlash towards the company. One of Konami's greatest developers have been shafted and even blackballed from appearing the award show to collect his award, a game he is famous for creating! It also pull the plug of a promising return to the Silent Hill franchise and even created a Metal Gear Solid game entirely different than what we play, using the name to lure players over. 


That is until Kojima decided to create a game of his own with a team off his production studio. Each trailer release, we draw closer and closer to how wonderful the game looks and what it means. Strange babies, a deserted world with dark creatures, Norman Reedus in the game. So many has happening we gotten more and more engaged. 


While Death Stranded have mixed reviews, many have felt interested in trying out the game. Some may have called it the greatest game of 2019. The game has been nominated in several awards list for best adventure and even other categories as well and has proven once more how talented Kojima is even without a trademark company like Konami. 


And with the recent news of Kojima hinting a new title on the works, there are those who look closely to what Kojima has in store for us, especially with his blessed talents. Let us hope it for one of his masterpieces returning. 


Honorable Mention: Marvel extraordinary year


Marvel has been known for making some of the most action pack blockbuster movies. While we would get one or two films, Marvel release 3 major films in 2019, all back to back to back critic acclaim favorites meanwhile 2 films from the past year enter the Academy Awards nomination. 


Let’s start off with Black Panther and Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-verse. Both films have received several nominations in the award show winning most of the awards, including Best Original Score and Costume Design for Black Panther, and Best Animated Film by Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-verse. Black Panther’s victory marked the first set of Academy awards Marvel Studios have won, meanwhile Spider-Man trumped out other major films like Isle of Dogs, Incredibles 2, and Ralph Breaks the Internet


Meanwhile on the releases, Captain Marvel sets up the final series of the Marvel saga Avengers: Endgame. And while avoiding spoilers, the film has helped pave the way and shape the future of the Marvel timeline, with Spiderman: Far from Home film being to date one of the greatest Marvel Film of all time. And with the hype of Black Widow in 2020, Marvel Studios will continue to push forth even more extraordinary films that we fans crave for with our favorite set of heroes. One that Thanos cannot erase.


1 The rise of Mixer


When Ninja left Twitch to join Mixer, it was a major news. Sure, Mixer has been for some time, however, with Twitch being the major star in video game streaming and other genres, there was no point in joining Mixer unless you already have an audience. Now that mentally is thrown away as Mixer is a breath of fresh air for those who either wanted to build up a community after floundering on Twitch, or want to escape from Twitch’s lucrative contract and/or policies. 


Sure it was a shock when Ninja joined Mixer, and by that time it felt like a mass exodus was about to occur. Streamers from Twitch felt either encourage or curious to move to Mixer with some trying out and done live streaming on the channel. For some, it was convincing enough to stay, while others felt moving to a new channel isn’t worth it at the moment for whatever reason they may have. They introduce certain features that made Twitch feel rather behind the times, and the environment was also different than Twitch itself, depending on who you ask about their experience.


While Mixer has yet to hit mega star power, compare to Twitch, the streaming service seems to be accepted by everyone, even those within various communities, as they welcome Mixer users and willing to keep their members in the community as well, building up a streamer relationship for streamers. Twitch may still be going on, but for Mixer, it gives streamers a chance to go somewhere else should they feel threatened or uninterested on Twitch, and thus is my number one pick for the best moment in 2019


Got any of your favorite moments from 2019 that I missed? Be sure to let me know on the comment below

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I laughed at "EA launches a good star wars game", definitely a memorable 2019 moment. Even if EA launched a good game at all.

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