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Worst 2019 moments in gaming




In just a short few days we are about to hit a milestone. 2020. Another year to engage ourselves into the releases we all be dying to indulge ourselves in. Another decade of new generations, new innovations, and new companies rising. And another chance to promise ourselves we are going to complete said game or purchase said game only to once again procrastinate on it. But before we could move on it's time to look back at the past and see some not so great moments. We have to go through serious amount of BS in our lives but for this case there some stuff we as gamers have to endure to this point. So on this countdown we take a look at the top 10 worst gaming moments of 2019. 


10 E3 Woes

Before I continue, E3 is also on my best list so let's get the reason why it was the worst. 


This year's E3 feels a bit lack over the weekend as news broke out months prior to the event that Sony will not be participating in the weekend extravaganza. This left a huge hole in the gaming convention not just for its star power, but for the heavy gaming news that we fans and gamers wanted to hear. We wanted to know more about PlayStation exclusive and the Last of Us 2. We wanted to see Final Fantasy VII remake on the PS4. We wanted to know more about the next installment of the PlayStation family. We needed to wait each month for Sony’s State of Play announcements to see trailers of our favorite games and when they will be coming out. Even though it’s good, it does deprive those in attendance a chance to watch it on the grandest stage of all.


But it isn't just Sony's absence that it feel flat as E3 kicked off on a flat note thanks to the presentation Google Stradia done. No news about what games would be involved, and if so, the games didn't really have any on air game play, just demos and how Google Stradia works. Google focus so much about how people can be able to play on any device and their offer that they don't consider the thought that games are the essential point of having a video game console or saving cloud, not just the game.


EA has also dropped out and made their own press conference which is okay I guess. It seems that E3 is slowly fading away or feels like it with state of play or Nintendo news comes up which offers quick news in short amount of time about upcoming games and trailers besides the use of a full hour and a half to 2 hour presentation. Let's hope that in their 25 year anniversary, E3 can make a grand spectacle once again. 


9 Anthem


In 2018, EA dedicated most of their time talking about their newest game coming out call Anthem. They spent almost an hour talking about how the game was made, what was their purpose, their mission, and who gamers could expect when they purchase this game. Well, it seems that EA has once again gone under the trend of saying their promises but not keeping it. 


Let's talk about preorder debacle. EA set up a confusing timeline for when the game will have an early access and for who. It seems those who hold an account under the origin software program would get the game first, tossing the idea of same day release or early access right out of the window. It gives the insight that if you aren't a member of EA, you'll just have to wait for the game. But hey, the wait can give the suspense of the game more exciting, right?! Well not exactly.

As stated by fellow Embr and TeamForge member, "...it's just the same missions over and over with no real difference between then. the javelin suit are the best thing about the game and are the reason I stuck around for so long. but once you have all of them you don't really have a reason to keep playing if they added something with some challenge and originality id happily go back to it but until then it's just going to gather dust on my shelf."




It's just another poor concept that was over hyped yet under deliver. Maybe with future updates, the game would be great, as always games with poor performance do tend to get better down the line with updates but as far as it's release goes, it was shafted. 


8.) Stradia poor launch


Google is known as a major internet guru to this date. Not only are they the most popular search engine, but they go beyond servicing our needs such as Gmail and other apps like Google docs. They have their own laptop and smartphone line. And even done daring venture such as Google lens. So naturally, video games would be a great investment since video games are becoming more and more accessible everywhere. Well there's a reason why Google has trash most of their failed products after poor launches. 


Google Stradia has an interesting concept, allowing people to play their favorite games on all devices no matter how small the screens are. The concept was great on paper but the execution was poor. After getting so much hype following their announcement, Google has given less and less news about their newest program until E3 of 2019 and we all know how bad that press conference went, only giving features and prices of their packages. Google Stradia release did have mixed reviews but on and all it didn't hit the mark, failing to capture audience attention with their price or ideals. Non subscribers needed to pay more than subscribers and games cost way too much than physical copies. Along with that, the Stradia did have some connection issues from time to time, having game crash and rebooted only to have the game continue without not movement or interaction. Google Stradia do need time to build up their library, process, and of course games since their games actually cost more than the disc copies they were competing against. Hopefully 2020 Google can turn things around. 


7.) Activation/Blizzard release 8% of employees


Man. Activation/Blizzard has had one rough year. Along with something that will be on this list, they've remove Heroes of the Storm as an E-sport due to low view rate. Canceled their Starcraft FPS to focus more on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. And has been the target of media backlash, from fans to co-workers, and even the government themselves, but this started their snowball to their decent. 


On a cold February month, the company has released nearly 800 staff members from their company. Now, letting go employees is always bad, no one wants to experience that at all, but witnessing nearly a 1000 letting go is just brutal. It's all to help cost cutting measures as Bungie drop their partnership with the company to make Destiny on their own and a surprise mega hit from EA call Apex Legend. Even games such as Hearthstone and Overwatch could not be able to offset the cost cutting measures that the company needed making this one of the worst moments in company history. And with the rise of gaming demands, it can be pretty tough to be able to find another job that may have the same offering that Activation/Blizzard have, especially with most of these studios popping up either everywhere or mostly being a small studio with less than 50 people. Let’s hope for a better future in 2020.


6.) Last of Us 2 date pushed back. 


Getting a game pushed back is bad enough, but when you get the most anticipated video game of all time pushed but even further, then it pretty much sucks. 


The Last of Us is one of PlayStation mega hits, centering around survival during a post apocalyptic world, the game has an impact on storytelling and characters that brings you closer to them. After the trailer in 2018's E3 press conference, which strangely happened on a separate stage, fans are dying to know more about the sequel. We get it in a shocking trailer a year later with their initial release early 2020. They're main reason is of course to polish the game up and meet Naughty Dog standards way, which of course has it's intentional right to do so. Either way this does sting fans alike that this game gets a push back. 


There hasn’t been many  games that has so much hype that the Last of Us 2 has created. Okay there are plenty of games, but when a game do get pushed we just have to await for the release and hope that whatever they needed to work on makes the waiting game worth it.


5.) The Extra Life Hack


November 2nd. A day in which gamers from all over the world get a chance to help contribute to their  local hospital and help sick children by gaming and donating to raise money and awareness. It's a great noble act from the Extra Life organization and gives gamers a chance to participate in a charity event for the first time. However, some scrooge figure it's a great idea to steal money from sick children.


The donation page was flown for a certain amount of time due in part of an attempted hack on the server and attempt to not only collect the payment but also card information. This disgusting act of cyber crime halted the donation process for hours as participants game without getting a chance to raise a single dollar. The organization was able to resolve the problem and the event has gone on with the group refunding money to several donors as an apology for what has happened. While cyber hacking is nothing new, the thought of doing this to kids in need is very sickening and despicable, trying to make money at the expense of people's lives. Let's just hope that this mustache twirling fools gets the shaft before attempting to perform another dastardly act like this. 


4.) Wai Chung suspension


Well, it's two for two on Blizzard and this one is just damaging. Following a Hearthstone competition, Hearthstone veteran Ng "Blitzchung" Wai Chung was set to take a webcam interview to discuss his performance on that day's competition. During the protest that is going on between China and Hong Kong, Wai Chung don a gas mask and goggles and shot out liberate Hong Kong during the simulcast, having two shout caster chuckled in embarrassment before quickly ending the video. Blizzard was so upset at this event, that they immediately suspended both Wai Chung and the shout-caster for an entire year and even strip Wai Chung of his prize earning. This sparked outrage within the gaming community, calling Blizzard a supporter of China and even believed Wai Chung career was martyred for his beliefs of his country. Many people have even denounced Blizzard and demand a boycott of the gaming company, suspending their battle net subscription and even remove their games off their desktop or laptop. 


Blizzard notices their mistake and even have opened up Blizzcon 2019 talking about the events, returning the prize money to Wai Chung and dropping their suspension from 12 months to 6, citing that Wai Chung has violated Blizzard’s code of conduct and express political in a company that wants to focus more on gaming. This still angers people and felt that justice hadn't been served, just patched up. Moments like this can cause quite a heated debate on whether or not Blizzard did the right thing. One one hand, Blizzard acted too radical and too quickly with their policy, suspending Wai Chung and the shout-caster immediately without thinking twice as to what may happen or investigating the situation. On the other hand, Wai Chung knew what he was getting into and still went with it anyway, violating some people wanted to get away from. Gaming is a great way to ease the stress even from what the world news has been going on with loads of protest, political corruption, and disasters along the way, and he uses this to his advantage to add more news that really didn’t need to be necessary in the first place. Maybe a tweet would be less damaging than an interview. Even yours truly do feel conflicted on whether this was the right thing to do on both ends. Whichever the case may be, Blizzard just needed to find a way to defuse the situation, now that Wai Chung’s suspension is slowly winding down.



3) Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah suicide


It’s always terrible to deal with someone who has committed suicide. It always is. People with mental illness find it hard to get the answers that they want and even struggle to continue on with life when things don’t go as they see. To some extent, some would even try to call out for help out of hinted words or actions, but unless it can easily be picked up, it may be too late. Such case with this next entry on this list. Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah is a creator content on YouTube, mostly focusing on Nintendo Games, and enjoyed gaming for most of his childhood. While he gain a following for his work and has inspired words which included his signature catchphrase "Take care of yourself. Have yourself a damn good one!", for one reason or another, he began to show troubling signs of attention. On one instant, Amofah began uploading pornography to his YouTube account and proceed to drop homophobic slurs to his Twitch account, both ended up being banned by their servers. A few months later he would tweet cryptic messages to the masses on his actions and some would quickly picked up on what is going on. Just days later after his final tweet and video posting, police officials in New York were able to recover his body from a nearby pier, confirming he was dead on sight.


This shocking moment sparked tweets of sorry and dismay to this event and ironically enough raised awareness towards suicidal thoughts and actions in this world. For those who are involved in creating content almost on a daily basis, it can be tough keeping up with today's standards as well as dealing with the negative backlash that might be preceded by either fans, gamers, nerds, and worst of all trolls. However, the ideal of suicide is a big news, showing that people need help any time of the day to not only get through the day, but get through in life and keep on enjoying what they do.


2) Government attacking Video games


It seems that video games cannot take a break when it comes to violent crimes here in America or even in the world. No matter how many times study show that violent video games aren’t the cause of what is going on, the government and officials still plug up their ears, close their eyes, and yell gibberish noises to block up all facts and walk away from it all. The only why this isn’t number 1 is because one, it’ll be too easy, and two that number 1 spot is deserving of another bad moment. 


In one weekend of a hot August summer, the US has suffered not one, not two, not three, but four massive shooting in four different states!! Dozens of people were killed including the gunman in certain states, and hundreds of people were hospitalized from this tragic event during the weekend. While there were time to mourn the loss of those who were killed in the weekend, several lawmakers, politicians, and even task force has blamed violent video games once more for influencing these mass shootings and has called for action to regulate violent video games once and for all, having no connections whatsoever to the shooting since the shooting tragedy were targeted by those of race and beliefs.


It’s just annoying to hear how easily avoidable these people feel when it comes to investigating and taking responsibility towards preventing mass murders such as these four events. No matter how many times scientists and representative has discussed about the connection between violent video games and real world violence, as well as out cry and anger from people in the United States against gun violence, it seems that they just don’t care, willing to put more lives on the line until they are able to get what they want.


And let’s say this in a hypothetical world that we live in that video games were being found guilty and regulated as they expected and were able to get violent video games outlawed, yet Gun violence and mass shootings is still on the rise, what excuse would they have towards this? Would it be, “Welp! We’re sorry about that?” Well sorry isn’t going to help fix things up now would they.


Unfortunately, things won’t change and so long as there are violent video games in this world, there is still something they’ll blame on to avoid getting on the negative shoulders of our politician and organization. 


Dishonorable Mention: Kyoto Animation Arson Attack

Outside of Gaming I decided to give a special Dishonorable mention when it comes to pop culture world and nothing comes to my mind more than the Kyoto Animation Arson Attack in July. Suspect Shinji Aoba has started a massive fire at the studio headquarters, killing 36 people and hurting 39, making this one of the worst attacks in Japanese history since the aftermath of World War II. The suspect Shinji Aoba has had been reported for several criminal offenses including mental illness and revenge, for what has yet to be disclosed. This tragic event caused a major set back on awards and releases the company was set to have in 2019 and 2020, and some of their work were recovered. However, with the good gracious of several other animation studios and fans support, Kyoto Animation has returned to their normal daily life and even trained new future employees on sketching, animation, and movies, giving a better hope for Kyoto Animation in the future. Let’s us hope that Kyoto can shine through this painful moment.


1 Twitch shitty TOS 

I maybe under hot water for this and there may be a chance I would join Mixer following this post, but I feel that each year Twitch has a way to screw people over and more so those who were more in the innocence of streaming than the others. Twitch has been under fire over the past couple of months for punishing those who were cosplaying or involved in a scary moment during IRL streamer, stating that their conduct of performance deemed fowl and distasteful for viewers and that their violating the code of conduct Twitch has. Meanwhile other Twitch users such as Tfue, who uses racial slurs during his stream, Alinity, who abuses her cat, were instead overlooked, getting away with no reciprocation nor punishment for their actions at all, especially when their videos have gone viral including on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and articles such as Polygon and Kotaku.


It seems money were important when it comes to such streamers since these streamers pop up large number of viewers and advertising revenue, but not all the time a streamer would play ball. Fornite sensation, Ninja, has left Twitch in the Summer to join up with Mixer, stating marketing and financial downfall with the major gaming streaming guru. And what did Twitch do in response to Ninja’s departure? Did they focus on small streamers to help build up a better gaming community? Did they decide to find someone that can be their next cornerstone of gaming? NOPE! They decided to stream pornography videos on Ninja’s old page. Class act folks. 


While I’ll always stream on twitch and many of you too, there is an odd feeling there’s a glass ceiling over our heads, waiting to be smacked hard when we reach a certain point and get slapped with a suspension for being ourselves, not some a-hole or a need of desperate attention through naughty attitude, but being able to game what we love and chatting with viewers about various topics. Twitch may need to revise their policies and even look over the loads of elephants in the room, otherwise, we may see another mass exodus that could eventually put Twitch out of business.


See something that I missed, let me know in the comment section below. Be sure to Thumbs up this blog and stay tune as the Best of 2019 is coming around soon. Stay Awesome everyone.


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