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This short story has come from Slayers LRP : A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Inspired game. It is set after the first event in the system and about how Kaylee Stewart,  a socially inept, barely out of her teens Slayer finally makes some new friends after living an isolated life of 24/7 Training under the watchful eye of her father/Watcher. 


She stood in the darkness, looking over at the Landrover knowing her final target was in there. Silently sweeping through the shadows she made her way across the field pausing only to check she wasn't being followed. She could hear the growls of drunken slumber as she reached towards the door handle lifting it up with a loud click "shit!" that  was louder than expected. This was gonna be harder than the others!

Luke had been particularly easy. He was unaware of her slipping it in his back pocket as he touched up the daggers hidden on her waist. Nadia had been a little more difficult but the lock on her door had been weak and the exposed flesh of her inner thigh had been the perfect spot to leave it. She had wanted to leave it on her under boob but then Nadia might not find it in the morning.    The combination of alcohol and exhaustion made the stealth mission that much more achievable.

She took a deep breath and began to open the door. If he was awake she could always claim she had been sleepwalking, it's not like it would have been the weirdest thing to have happened so far this weekend.

He lay unconscious in front of her, the strong stench of stale booze offending her nose. As she counted up the empty whisky bottles  noting the odd bottle of vodka, a moment of panic hit as the snoring stopped. Was he still breathing? Shit! Fuck! Crap! Had he just drank himself to death? "Oh bollocks!" she exclaimed under her breath climbing into the back of the landy and gingerly crawling over the body.

"Fuck, shit, fuck, shit, fuck" she didn't need a dead human, not tonight, not now, not him! Delicately straddling the body, she leant in close to his face, hoping to hear his breathing. She suppressed her gag reflexes as her senses were assaulted by an almighty Belch! "jesus fucking christ!" she clasped her hands over her mouth stifling her coughs as the smell made her eyes water.

Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a sharpie, quickly scribbling on his hand before he woke up or before he ambushed her with any more bodily gasses. She began to crawl backwards out  of the vehicle, a mischievous grin plastered across her face but not before she took the opportunity to leave one last note.

The next morning as Jarvis looked in the mirror he couldn't help but notice the large letters carefully inked across his forehead: CALL ME!  

Kaylee Stewart sat patiently waiting for her phone to ring, wondering which of her new friends would call her first.


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