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WarpThrough - Jump Through Portals and Fight Monsters

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:: Game Title

:: Genre
        Action, Platformer, Arcade

:: Developer
        Website | Twitter | Facebook | Discord 

:: Platform
        PC (Windows)

:: Availability
        Paid, Full

:: Release
        10 December 2019

:: Rating

:: Trailer


Note: This article is written based on the beta version I played during the final playtest held in mid-November, and thus final game content may still be subject to change. Due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the playtest, no screenshots from the playtest version of the game has been used in this article; still, writing of my personal impressions has been approved with the developer’s prior consent.


This holidays, gather your friends and hop through portals to fight monsters in this platformer game with a twist in its fighting mechanics. With support for local co-op play for up to four players, WarpThrough brings you into a monster-infested world where it is up to you (and your friends) to unravel the cause of the infestation and help save the day.


True to its name, WarpThrough challenges you to warp through as many portals as you can in succession before you knock into a passing monster — the only condition that will send you spiraling back to square one of that particular level. These cute (but deadly) monsters come in various forms and have their own mobility method, such as sliding or flying, which creates a nice setting under which players would have to be on constant alert of their surroundings while jumping on platforms toward the next portal. Otherwise, they may find themselves quickly colliding with a sneaky enemy that has flown toward them as they were busy retreating from one that was sliding in their direction.

In a similar spirit of keeping the game challenging, monsters are set to spawn regularly at intervals. The rate at which monsters spawn in the levels is proportional to the difficulty setting the player has chosen: monsters will spawn faster at tougher difficulties. Naturally, this means that the number of monsters present in a single level will keep increasing if one focuses on simply shunning them. Luckily, there is a way to fight and clear the place of them, though there is a special twist to it.

To fight the monsters that are running amok all around, you actually have to stop moving for a short while in order to charge your attack before you can unleash it. If you are constantly on the move or have moved before the charge for the attack is complete, you will not be able to send any of the monsters to oblivion. It is an interesting fight mechanics that is not too difficult to get used to with enough trial and error.


Yet the challenge does not stop at making you adapt to this halt-to-fight process. Just when you think you are finally adept at controlling Charlotte (the main character), the game soon presents you with other playable characters with vastly different attack styles. The main character’s fireball attack, in my opinion, is the most straightforward to learn and use. Some of the remaining four playable characters’ attacks can be rather tough to pick up, such as Three’s rotating laser gun that I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to properly use without mindless spamming (and still miss those monsters).

From including a mix of monster types in every level to having a cast of playable characters that require distinctive control methods, WarpThrough has definitely implemented several good layers of challenge for players. In fact, the game will be quite suitable for players who like to challenge themselves as well as those who like to compete against others. Besides the range of difficulty settings available (tougher settings are only unlocked when the easier ones are cleared), the game also features a Weekly Challenge mode with a leaderboard that refreshes each week.

Nevertheless, for players who are not good with platformers and can only manage the game at Easy difficulty setting (like myself), they would inevitably feel that there is not much playable content. This is especially so when the Story Mode, the game’s main campaign, features a really short story about Charlotte’s and her friends’ adventures. Although there is also an Arcade Mode where you can replay any of the unlocked levels to your heart’s content, there is really not much incentive for another playthrough if you cannot unlock more difficulty settings.

In addition, as a result of its short main story, the game suffers from a lack of available playable levels. One thing I really enjoyed when playing the test version of the game is unlocking the next level as I progress forward in the story. Thus it was rather disappointing for me when the story came to a closure and there is no more new levels to explore.


While I do hope that the game will get content updates in the future, featuring brand new levels with new stories of Charlotte and gang, I still recommend WarpThrough to those who enjoy platformers. Whether you are going to play it alone or with your friends, the game is going to bring you several hours of fun with its different game modes, variety of playable characters, range of difficulty settings, and interesting achievements to attain.

Cannot wait to create a new highscore hopping through portals? Well, wait no longer as WarpThrough is releasing on Steam today!


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