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I’ve always said that a solid intro sets the tone for a game, and many games have tried different ways to bring the player into their world, whether by an opening cinematic, or a playable introduction.


Here is my personal, top 5 video game openings and all time:


5: Dawn of War


I’m a huge fan of DoW one (he others.. not so much) and I’ll always remember the opening cinematic of Dawn of War, featuring an epic clash between Blood Ravens and Orks on the crest of a war torn landscape. Ridiculously noisy, violent and cool, as anything Warhammer 40k should be.



4: Fallout 3


I may be stretching what people consider an ‘intro’ here but everything from hitting New Game right through to stepping out the vault for the first time is… incredible. Mega-atmospheric, interesting take on character creation, and the vista of the wasteland gave me goosebumps when I first played it.

Oh and Ron Perlman saying ‘War. War never changes’... awesome.



3: Medal of Honour: Frontline 


Looking back, it might be hard to imagine for some people, but the d-day landing intro to Frontline was a chill-inducing frantic introduction to the game. Apparently the developers wanted to replicate the Saving Private Ryan introduction, and back then, they pretty much nailed it.


2: Bioshock


Controversially I’ve never been the biggest Bioshock fan (I know, I know). The first Bioshock is the only one I’ve completed. That said, it has an incredible opening sequence. From frantically fleeing the plane crash to laying your eyes on Rapture for the first time.


1: Half-Life


Most if you know how much I love Half-Life, so it’s little surprise I’ve included the Half-Life introduction here (Though I could have gone for HL2 instead..). A simple concept, you’re on a tram ride through a secret, high-tech base, but the opening gives you an overwhelming sense of scale, detail.. And ominous foreboding as you approach your sector. This blew me away when I first played it, and the Black Mesa remake is equally impressive. If you haven’t tried Black Mesa, you have to!


There you have it, my top 5 openings, what did I miss?





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