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When the first horror movie is made, a new phenomenon is made to test movie goers courage and psyche. When horror movie icon Frankenstein come on to the screen, a series of icom monsters follow by, like Dracula, the Werewolf, and the Mummy. Then in the 80's blood were exploited and creative kills help push the horror film to something that we enjoy and anticipate with our favorite horror flicks. While horror films can have changed over the time with revamps or remakes of classical films, there is nothing more recognizable as these horror movie icons. Whenever we hit the horror genre, these characters pop out quickly into our minds. They have been stable in the horror films and has been parody a couple times as well. And on this list, we are going to count down the top 10 horror movie characters of all time. Let’s begin.



10 Candyman

Let's start with a killer that center around an urban myth. Candyman focus on a black slave who was viciously beaten by slave and cotton field owners before severing his hand and cover him in honey on the field, leaving him to be stung to death  by bees. And all for loving a white woman. He curses his murders and promises to haunt their generation and kill them, leading a long line of families from descendants slave owners to be damned with a stigma from Candyman. Because of this, those who repeat his name five times in front of a mirror who soon be greeted and for the most part impaled by a hook from behind. Candyman display a tragic being, a phrase you'll hear a lot on this list, who's searching for true love, only to be killed, and now murders anyone who calls for him including his great great great granddaughter who believes it’s all a myth until he appears. His kills aren’t that special yet interesting, displaying a distinct kill that no one can see with the exception of those who call for him. And the great acting of Tony Todd, along with the creepiness of bees covering Candyman's body from torso and below make this a wonderful character. If you haven’t seen this film, I say go check it out for yourself and see how haunting and hallucinating the character can get just for testing this myth. Just don’t say his name 5 times before a reflection glass. 


9 Samara


Samara is an urban legend, which you may hear more on this list, that curses those who watches a tape that shows her coming out of the well she was thrown to and soon out of the television. Based off the Japanese film which is based off a Japanese urban legend, seriously, all of Samara victims die within 7 days after watching the tape. Her appearance is both grueling, eerie, ominous, and creepy. And the story of a child being murdered by a family member is also tragic. The acting of Daveigh Chase is spot on, capturing the ideal of how Samara be when she exits the television and marching towards the fool who pop the tape in. There’s really nothing special about the character except the looks of Samara is what any creature would look after coming from the dead, decayed and decrepit, yet has the power to suck the souls off any fool who watches the film. It’s the tense moments that makes the character so terrifying as seeing the ring and the story of Samara would soon bring a closer solution to about her mysterious, but with the film continuing after the tape is stopped, you know you are in for a real treat. And seeing the petrified look her victims have as she marches towards them is outstanding. Just don’t bother looking for this tape since we can now watch it online.



8 Chucky 


When it comes to living in a home with a terrifying doll, none has come more recognizable than Chucky, a mass murder who was shot and killed, but not before he use voodoo magic to put his soul on a popular doll. Chucky has a unique sense of horror as he is shown to only be a toy, a figure that can impossibly do no harm and can easily be fooled as the spirit of the murder would spring out and attack those unexpected victims. His main goal of course is the transfer his soul into another body, preferably a boy for some reason, since his soul cannot be contained in the doll for too long, and the object would soon reject him, forcing him to pass on.  His voices and one liners do tend to give a crack at what he is doing and who could forget that icon laugh. I will knock some points down cause after the first three films Chucky seem to have fallen off the wagon, having a family, becoming a generic slasher film. But overall, when we see this popular play toy, we immediately think of this madman. Then immediately locking it away for good hoping it won't spring to life. 




7 Jigsaw and the Pig


The Saw movie franchise has not one, but two iconic characters. Saw centers around a group of people trapped in various torture device, being forced to solve a puzzle for their life or in need of rescue at the hands of someone else's hands. Unlike most on this list that center around a supernatural being, one character is real and the other character is a mascot of a true killer. Let's start off with the pig, a follower of Jigsaw, this fowl being purpose is to capture those that deem unworthy in Jigsaw eyes and is placed in a trail for their lives. The pig has mostly captured criminals, liars, and relatives to those who are in the ultimate task. There are instincts that the Pig has killed people, however, this is mostly in video games so I can’t really count that. Not many people would remember this character more than the Jigsaw puppet, a character who is very creepy in its own right, having a wooden head cocking side to side while having a jaw move to simulate the actual murder speaking. Jigsaw also carries a trademark laugh as originally the puppet was a toy for an unborn child the murder was prepping to have. Yeah, in a twist, Jigsaw actually had a tragic past that we can get into the future. Still, to keep his identity a secret, the doll serves as a perfect object to convey his captures that they are in deep trouble and must survive or suffer the ultimate price, their lives. Overall, these horror icons help us look twice at night and think twice about our actions, before we are tested for the sake of our lives. 



6 Michael Myers 


Low and behold a man who doesn't speak nor have any reaction or sympathy for what he has done. Michael Myers is a scary character, being tall like a basketball player, built like a football player, but have not emotions at all whenever he searches for his primary victim. Coming from the popular Halloween series, he’s easily remembered with his trademark mask, coverall suit, and his trademark kitchen knife, but has used other weapons to kill his victims, including his  bare hands, actually ripping someone's head off. He's even tough to kill, which begs the question how can you actually kill a man who not only seems invincible, and has a habit to appear anywhere at anytime. Plus his theme is also memborerable, eerie at night, horrific when alone, and on several ringtones on people's phones. He's cold blooded and disturbing if you find him, one Halloween night. 



5 Pennywise 

Clowns are scary. That can't be any truer when you speak about a character like Pennywise. Unlike the character's on this list, with the except of Chucky, Pennywise mostly haunt the same kids until they are grown, seeing that they know about this freakish being and nobody else. 

Seeing the trademark ballon is a sign that the horrors of being is around and close by to torment your life, either with a lost of a loved one, a past that disturbs you, or the actions that continues on right now. Plus, let's face it, both Pennywise is terrifying no matter who you choose. Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard has done an amazing work as the character, putting their own twist of how Pennywise personality work. With Tim Curry, it’s an idea of how clowns act that puts the fear of almost any clown you would find in a children's party or circus. For Bill Skarsgard, the vibes of his performance as Pennywise maybe the same as a modern horror of a clown in a twisted carnival. If you ignore the disappointing reveal at the end of one of the films, then you surely know how petrifying it is to be around clowns. No matter what type of clown it is. 


4 Ghostface 


Ghostface is actually human. Okay that might killed some interest of this character since of course most of the characters on this list is supernatural, with the except of the characters from Saw. But honestly, the popularity of this character 90's is asthoniging, fans of the Scream movies wanted to be Ghostface for Halloween. Even I was Ghostface during my elementary school Halloween party. Ghostface is a murder based off a slasher film that centers around the same character in the film's film...which kinda feels Meta, that target a victim and her friends and family. . He mostly haunts people with phone calls towards his prey, at one point asked for the victim’s favorite horror film before identifying the victim and their every move and set himself up for the kill. Armed with a knife, Ghostface trademark weapon, he can easily sneak up and stab his victim multiple times and even slite his victim’s throat. What also makes Ghostface amazing is the fact that anyone can be Ghostface, it can lead to so much plot twist and suspects that’ll make your head spin. It’s a who done it film that change the direction of horror films. Just take a look at the opening of Scream 2, and figure who is the actual Ghostface killer if you happen to be in this scenario. You wouldn’t!! An icon slasher that change the genre of horror films in the 90’s, we can just help but enjoy the scream. Also his parody in A Scary Movie.



3 Leatherface


Just by the sound of his chainsaw, there’s only one thing you need to do and one thing only, RUN! Leatherface is an amazing horror figure in the horror films, arming himself with a chainsaw and hammer and chopping his victims into pieces for his families stew...who happens to be cannibalism. Good to know that the bodies are preserved for something healthy, I guess. Leatherface is a tall scary monster, one who can be easily identified from miles away, but what makes this manic so amazing is his face. You see Leatherface not only kills his victims and deliver to his family for a nice 8 course meal, but also wear the face of his victims as a mask. Depending on how unique you are, or if you are unlucky, how pretty you are that attracts him, Leatherface will crave off your face, craft it into a mask, and walk around with it, knowing that you will always be his side and show off how awesome it is to his other foes. Unfortunately, Leatherface seems more like a lackey rather than murder on impluse or agenda, but that’s a minor when it comes to the noise of his weapon and scream. Speaking of which, the chainsaw is pretty much a known and related to Leatherface, that parodies of horror characters would wield a chainsaw as a weapon. Just be sure you have the stomach to take what he serves. If you have one after meeting him.



2 Freddy Kruger


The next two are hard to list. They are both iconic, memorable, and by far the greatest horror film characters of all time. Even I had nightmares when I was a child thinking about these two coming to slaughter me. But overall I had to decide who is more iconic than the other so here it is. Freddy Kruger at number 2. There is so much that makes Freddy Kruger such an amazing character. His personality. His backstory. His appearance. The gloves with finger knives. And most of all his unique way of killing his victims, as he’s able to get them in one place that no one can ever escape, their dreams. People have made attempts to cover up Freddy Kruger’s past and history. And his victims find ways to not only eliminate the biggest nightmare of their lives, but also ways to stay awake, going as far as robbing a pharmacy for prescription pills to stay insomniac and avoid being killed. But once their in the dreamworld it’s game on, as Freddy Kruger has colorful ways of killing his victims, either based off their personality, fears, conditions, or addiction. Nearly all of Freddy Victims have been murdered by his glove knives or a cartoonish way. Plus his punchlines are just amazing as well as his laugh. There are different iteration of this horror icon, so by all means check out any Nightmare on Elm’s street films and see how amazing Freddy is. If anything, watch them all. And hopefully you can survive the night sleeping.



1 Jason Vorhees


It’s Mother F-ing Jason! The one who holds an eerie and ominous noise. The one who is the master of all weapons. The one who is the uber king of machetes. The one who has the mask! Jason has a tragic backstory that lead to him coming back to life as a vengeful spirit, killing all teenagers and camp counselors who are foolish to spend their days and nights at Camp Crystal Lake. His almost a zombie like being as nearly all efforts to kill him seem frail, not having a chance to put him down for even a minute, easily getting back up and ready to kill his prey with little sweat. Interestingly a fun fact, Jason didn’t start in the first movie or with a mask but rather in the second film with a hood over his face. Jason’s mask is well known, and an easy trademark of his character as many people easily parody Jason in films and games, but mostly with a different weapon. Cursed by a vengeful mother and a spirit that even hell cannot contain, Jason Vorhees is the number one iconic horror character of all time.


Enjoy the list? Have someone else that I missed? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow this page for more top 10 list and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Xeno9933. As always, Stay Awesome



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