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Mulaka Gets Physical!





I dipped my feet into the world that is Mulaka, and I can happily say it's a game everyone should get their hands on. In recent news, Lienzo announced that Mulaka is finally getting a physical edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch! If you've been holding out for a physical, you'll have to wait till early 2020 to grab one. To find out when that release date drops, follow Lienzo on Twitter!

For those unfamiliar with the game, Mulaka is a 3D action-adventure game based on Tarahumara culture and beliefs. Journey as a Sukurúame—aka Tarahumara shaman—and prevent corruption from spreading across the land. Earn exciting new transformations from the all-powerful demi-gods to aid in your travels, solve puzzles, and to battle ferocious beasts. In traveling the vast area of the Sierra Mountains, you'll learn everything there is to know about the Tarahumara people of Northern Mexico.

If you're still eager to learn more, you can pick up a documentary called Making Mulaka, written by Christian Cardenas. Making Mulaka gives an in-depth look at the developer, Lienzo, and everything you need to know about the development of Mulaka!



Mulaka has earned several rewards and recognition's including:

  • "IndieCade Festival 2018 Nominee" IndieCade Festival Finalist, October, 2018
  • "Best Game" National Contest of Video Games MX, December, 2017
  • "Best Cultural Game" National Contest of Video Games MX, December, 2017
  • "Official PSX 2017 Selection" PlayStation, December, 2017
  • "Game Informer's Best Indies of PAX West 2017" Game Informer, September, 2017
  • "Official PAX West 2017 Selection" Indie MEGABOOTH, September, 2017
  • "Nindies Arcade PAX West 2017 Selection" Nintendo, September, 2017


You can find Mulaka on Nintendo SwitchXbox OnePS4SteamHumble Store, and GOG


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