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They're absolutely everywhere, and it's wonderful!


A lot of you have requested to be able to add games yourself to the library, this is a great idea and takes some of the pressure off our wonderful moderator team! Starting now on Ember, if you want to display a game you love on your profile but it isn't listed in our games database, no worries! add it!

Here's how:




Underneath the platform list, you will see a new button called "Suggest Game" simply click it to get started! This will prompt a pop up where you can fill out the following information:


  • NameThis is pretty self explanatory, use the full official name as it appears in storefronts 
  • DeveloperThis can usually be found on wikipedia, include all developers listed, separate with commas 
  • WebsiteMake sure you include http:// or https://
  • Twitter - only include the username, no URL or "'@"
  • Publisher - This often differs from the developer, can usually be found on wikipedia!
  • Release Date - There are often many release dates, especially for multi-platform games. just put the year a game was first released! example: 2007
  • Logo This must be 200px - 200px and JPEG format and using the official cover, even if cropped
  • Icon - Upload the exact same picture you uploaded for "Logo"
  • Photo - This is the header photo, the best place to find these are offical facebook pages
  • Platform (Ticklist) - Tick every platform the game appears on
  • Description - This MUST be from an official source, the best place to find these are store fronts just as Xbox, Playstation or Steam store


Once you have added your game, it will go into a request queue which is then monitored by our moderator team, your game will then be edited if needed and approved/declined


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1 minute ago, DTimeZero said:

Oops didn't mean to sent a report, my bad!

all good! 😂 least we know the report function now works.....

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1 minute ago, WolvesEthereal said:

all good! 😂 least we know the report function now works.....

Thought it said repost 😄 

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