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Greetings! Welcome to Indie Forged, the community page to run alongside our gaming articles and reviews based around showing off everything Indie!

We're a small group of individuals from the gaming community Forge (you can find them on Ember, Twitter & Discord) but that all share one passion in common - our love of Indie games! We've all sunk countless hours of our lives losing ourselves in these games, lovingly created by talented individuals or very small teams, and all of us agree that these games don't always get the exposure or success that they rightly deserve, and so this is where Indie Forged steps in.

Our aim within this community, through our reviews, and on the Steam Curator page is to find and bring Indie Games to the attention of other gamers in the hope that we can help with getting those games the recognition the deserve. We're all in this purely for our love and respect of indie developers, and so here we are;



Greetings I'm Steve to some and Bravster to many others.

Hailing from the the Southern depths of England somewhere between disappointment and disappointment by the sea (London and Brighton). I work two jobs - One as I.T Support for an outsourcing firm : yes I've turned it off and on again so many times the switch is now a nub. The other as a Voice Actor for animation, games, corporate businesses, audiobooks and everything else around and inbetween : get me talking about it and we'll be here all day.

I've had a love of games from a young age preferring something with a challenge or a story I can really sink my teeth into enjoying large AAA titles such as the Witcher, Alien Isolation and the Final Fantasy series. A few favourite indie titles of mine are : Binding of Isaac, Rimworld, Don't Starve, Subnautica, Kerbal Space Program, Limbo and of course Divinity Original Sin 2. Playing a mixed bag of FPS, Horror, Rogue-Lites and Strategy.



Hey, I'm HappyFeet, based in the UK and essentially I've been gaming for so long I can't really remember where it all began! 

In the past I've dabbled with various different types of content creation (let's be honest, who hasn't given Twitch or YouTube a bash these days!) before I realised that I just love gaming, and particularly Indie games. Craft, Fight, Survive is a mantra that seems to cover my gaming tastes pretty well, and if a game involves one of those aspects then it's generally good enough for me!

Favourite Indie games?? Here goes; Ark, 7 Days to Die, Rimworld, Factorio, Subnautica... I could keep going but the idea was to only pick a few!



Kyathil originates from the deep forest of Sweden, maybe this is the reason why she takes a special liking into the dark and mysterious and in beautiful nature? She joined Forge even before the True Forging really had happened.

The stunning game Ori and the Blind Forest is what truly awoke her slumbering indie heart and she began adding more and more indie titles on her corner of the internet, her Twitch channel. For a longer period she even arranged monthly indie days where she would try out a few titles and share her love for indie games with her community.

Now she wishes to put her passion for indie games to writing, hoping that she can reach a larger audience through words. Albeit her heart beats the most for indie platformers, such as Ori or Hollow Knight, and horror games, such as Visage and SOMA, there is not a genre she would not be open to give a try!



Keeper of the Soup Dojo, RaginRamen, has been a passionate disciple of IndieGames for many years. Having started as a 3D Artist in the modding community, he has fought in the trenches of late nights working on what he loves. Now he seeks to turn his gaze on marketing and promoting Indie Developers' great works. Starting with written articles, reviews, Youtube videos, and streaming; to eventually move onto reporting at conferences, interviews and helping in campaigns.

Narrative games are top of my list. Anything with story, even a puzzle game that's got a cool story, I will be down to play... Favorite indie games though... off the top of my head, Little Nightmares, Firewatch, Oxenfree and Divinity Original Sin!

We'd love to see you join the community here on Ember, whether you're a gamer or an Indie Dev, as well as following the Indie Forged 'writers block' to get notifications when we get an article up.

Brav, Happy, Ky & Ramen!


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