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A Tribute to Fortnite - Video Script

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A Tribute to Fortnite

Fortnite was more than just a game to the world, it was a force that changed gaming, social media, and one shook the entertainment industry to it's core.  At the time of writing this, Season 10 has ended with a blackhole swallowing Fortnite, and the game has essentially ended.  This, is my tribute to Fortnite.

Fornite originally released in July of 2017, and was by most means, a failure.  There was little to no incentive for players to continue playing after completing endgame content, and months after the game released, it died.  That is until Sepetember 26th, 2017.  The day Fortnite Battle Royale released for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.  I still remember seeing a RUSSIANBADGER video, it was an ad for Fortnite, posted meer hours after the game released. 

My Introduction to Fortnite

At the time, I was 14, and broke.  I had wanted to buy PUBG, and saw Fortnite as a new opportunity to get into the esports scene.  I installed fortnite, and created my EPIC account.  I still have the email believe it or not.  But thats besides the point.  Opening up Fortnite for the first time, and hearing the haunting spacious theme play as bells chimed in the background of a storm was an experience that not many Fortnite players today can say theyve had.  I still remember telling all of my internet friends about the game, and how I described it to them.  The game was so creative that this analogy is still the closest thing I can come up with to this day.  Fornite is a battle royale like PUBG, with the building mechanics of Minecraft, with the cartoony graphics and feel of Overwatch.  

Streaming and Social Media

Fortnite in late 2017 was pure and innocent.  There was no item shop, no battle pass and the vast majority of gamers had never heard of the game.  It was pure fun.  Then 2018 rolled around, and everything changed.  Season 2 introduced the battle pass, and streamers like Ninja gained popularity at a rate unseen to the world.  Ninja's popularity was a result of him being at the right place at the right time.  He was the best player with a decent personality at the beginning of a game's popularity.  Fortnite's popularity grew virtually overnight.  At this time, Minecraft was at a low point, and there was no game that truely dominated the social media algorithms in 2017.  Fortnite would soon become the successor to Minecraft until it's revival in 2019.  Fortnite was kid friendly, replayable, fun, and FREE.  Fortnite was free.  Any kids with access to a console or pc, later PHONE, could install the game for free.  This gave little to no excuse for kids to not share the game with their friends, and the story from there is self explainatory.  

Fortite's Best yet Worst Trait

In my opinion, one of Fortnites best strengths at the beginning of it's life was the map.  The map was small enough to not have the same issue that games like PUBG had where combat was scarce, and in fact, made combat frequent, but was large enough to make the map FEEL big, and to give players the ability to explore.  This mixxed in with the widely varied cast of locations from retail row to dusty depot allowed for nearly endless repayablity as the map was the player's sandbox to build upon.

Epic capitalized on this strength by not doing what PUBG and later Apex would do and adding new maps / replacing old ones.  Epic instead added upon the current map, making what worked even better.  This is until Tilted Towers was added. Tilted Towers put Epic into a pickle that was not solvable without ruinjng the game forever.  

Tilted Towers was TOO good of a landing spot.  Tilted towers had the same traits that the map itself had that made it work.  It was small enough for frequent combat, yet felt large.  It had good loot, and was pure fun.  Once players got a taste of it, they couldnt resist.  This disrupted the balance of the game as sometimes youde see upwards of HALF of the lonby land at titled.  This left every other location of the map barron, deserted yet again. The community was split, many people loved titled and its mechanics, and many others realized that it forced players to land there to see combat. 

If Epic removed titled however, they would never be able to replace it.  Tilted was such a perfect landing spot, so fun, and valuable loot wise, that removing it would leave a pit in the Fortnite experience, making the game less fun, while restoring balance.


Epic games was smart.  To this day, Fortnite is still in Beta, despite being 2 years old and raking in billions of $ in revenue.  As a beta game, Epic can update the game in weeks instead of months, and for free.  This however, would become an issue.  Epic began to have an excess of items.  The map was ever-changing, and as time continued, these changes and events became more and more extreme, eventually leading to a literal blackhole swallowing the game itself.  With every update, it became harder to balance the game, and it is still an issue to this day.  The game suffered many horrible game ruining metas and exploits such as the double pump and smg metas.  The introduction of the power sword and mega mechs also caused balancing issues as the game felt less like a battle royale, and more like a sandbox to mess around in.  The game became more and more complex for its own good.  And thats where we are today. 


Today we wait for Fortnite Chapter 2.  While I have moved on from Frotnite, the legacy it has created changed the entertainment industry forever, better or worse.  It may not stand on the same pedistal as Minecraft does to many, to younger generations, it does.  Fortnite deserves to be respected, it has done what no other MEDIA had done in human history.  It is more popular and recognizable worldwide than any other game, song, movie, or book (other than many religiously important scriptures) in existence, and that is something to commemorate.  While Epic in the end did end up passing a point of no return, they did the right thing, and pulled the plug.  So as I was saying, Fortnite is more than just a game, but lets leave it at that.  Just a game.  


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