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Hey Goobs,

Just a small update on what's going on with Ember Development....



As I'm sure you're all aware, Ember lets you add the games you love and proudly display them on your profile. In future, this game database will also be used to find other players, find communities for those games, streams, reviews, products and so on. We've added a new feature which enables every user to add games to the database, pending approval from our lovely moderator team. If there's a game you love but it's not on our database, add it!

This feature will go live this week

We'll post a 'how to' for this soon!


Integrations - YouTube

We are constantly working on adding new integrations into Ember, the next of which will be YouTube. This will work in a similar way to how we currently display Twitch streams. You'll be able to access and browse YouTube videos uploaded by Ember members. We'll even feature some of our favourites!

Moving forward

Ember has many features and updates to bring you throughout 2019, A few listed below:

  • Furthering integrations such as Mixer and Instagram - Working to make the most of our integration features with routine functionality improvements for each integration.
  • Adding Gallery features to profiles and beyond - We want to make a space for creatives to showcase their work. Whether it be art, cosplay, animations, we'll make it possible on Ember.
  • Inventory - Users will soon have an inventory system where they can showcase awards and trophies. For example, attending an Ember event, supporter badges for Alpha & Beta supporters.
  • Brand Pages - Our next large update will have a focus on brand pages. We're working hard on features for content creators to make the most out of Ember.
  • Communities - We are overhauling the current community features in order to create a place for gaming communities to call home. Lots of customisation options coming soon!
  • Dashboards - The centrepiece of Ember! Everything you follow, whether it be your friends, games, blogs, streams, communities or other content will feed directly into your Dashboard. Our dashboard features also include the "Goob" minigame. It's a little avatar editor that you can customise with cosmetics and add-ons. You can even spend your shards in the Goob minigame! Development is early but they're pretty cute 😊 
  • Ecommerce - Allowing brand pages and communities to sell via Ember. Whether it be shirts, mugs, bags, or maybe you host a premium community that requires a subscription. We'll make sure Ember has the features you need to grow your brand.
  • Android/iOS development - Right now, we are focused primarily on getting the PC side of Ember developed and then perfected, but rest assured we will be developing apps for both Android and iOS.

There are MANY more updates we have planned, but I don't want to reveal absolutely EVERYTHING 😉 or do I?






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