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My First Cosplay Prop Experience



So it's done! My very first cosplay prop. 

Climbing Axe

As you can probably tell, it's Lara Croft's climbing axe from the Square Enix version of Tomb Raider. It was much needed for my future gaming conventions as Lara Croft isn't Lara without her tools. I originally thought about buying one but at £40+ each, it seemed cheaper to attempt it myself and indeed in the long run, it was! The EVA foam tiles I used for the axe itself cost £9 from B&Q and the paint I already had. I bought a bottle of PVC glue for sealant and spent a little money on a heatgun, which is used for sealing and also for bending EVA foam to make armour etc. Along with a Stanley/craft knife that I already had, some scissors, paintbrushes and sanding material, there isn't much else you need for a basic finish. If you want some decent sanding, you can do what I did and use a Dremel but if you've got a sharp enough knife, it shouldn't need half as much sanding as mine did! 

Some people will tell you to varnish it with some kind of top coat but I haven't done that as I couldn't find a definitive answer as to whether that is necessary or not with acrylic paint covering it. Then I wrapped some bandages that I got from Poundland back at Halloween around the handle (they were already blood-stained) and smothered them in tea and coffee grounds to age them. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out given that it was my very first attempt. I look forward to making more! Here's how it looked bare, before I realised I forgot to carve teeth into the handle! *facepalm*


And now I have the basic skill to add much more depth to my cosplay so it's been a lot of fun! 

Thanks for reading guys! 






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