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So, since Googling cosplay props and finding out they're ridiculously expensive (£40+ for a foam pick axe for my Lara Croft cosplay D:) I have decided to actually just buy the stuff and make my own. Doing yet another professional Google I've found that you pretty much just need EVA foam (the kind that comes in floor tiles in B&Q), a heat-gun, some PVA sealant and acrylics, as well as super glue or a hot glue gun! They all fall under the price of one single prop item so it seems to be the most cost-effective route to cosplay. 

I am currently doing a Vasquez cosplay and for that I will need a huge, whack-off smart gun so that's going to be on my list, but I do think it's probably going to be best to learn with something simpler, like Lara's pick axe. From there, I will hopefully learn how to make armours so I can finally make myself a Skyrim helmet and torture my neighbours with my random Thu'um shouts over the fence. They love me, they really do. 

I was once proficient in clay moulding and made a pretty good Skyrim logo and Mehrunes Dagon's dagger, so hopefully the foam stuff should be a doddle compared to that. I'll post again soon with progress pics,

Happy Tuesday nobbers! 




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