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I'm backkkkk! 

I've just had my first summer holidays with a threenager. My husband said at the beginning, "Enjoy it, it'll be your last one at home with her!" (Part-time work is now on the horizon now madam is older. *cheers*) I'll admit, I got excited about this at first thinking of all the wonderful free things I can do while she skips happily alongside me like a miniature me - and yes for a while that happened, but then the boredom kicked in. After week 2 the daily bug hunts (insects, not xenos) became boring and she stopped wanting to walk Bear in the sunshine (mostly due to the fact Bear got attacked by a dog right in front of her *cry*) and became entirely unenthusiastic about everything I suggested. Also, if you think you can list free things daily to keep a child amused for nearly 7 weeks, you are MISTAKEN. It's not that simple. Toddlers do not want your shit and they don't have time for your shit. I spent more money on little trips out than Charlie Sheen did on nose candy, I can tell you that. 

But anyway, she's back in nursery and of course the transitional period is INTENSE at the moment. Within the first week she's also caught a cold and we've already had a stomach bug so yeah, definitely something to think about if you're expecting a child. BUY DETTOL SPRAY IN WHOLESALE AMOUNTS. The first day of nursery was interesting though, I finally got to see my other bleary-eyed parents at the school gates to unload our traumatic events onto each other. 

It's so good to be able to ramble to you poor people like this, the cat and dog are so sick of hearing my life stories. 


Anyway, I'm back! I'm filming the Alien: Isolation videos again shortly and going to look for inspiration for my Tank Girl cosplay coming up soon. 

How was the summer holidays for you guys? Please wax lyrically at me about your holidays if anyone had them, especially adult holidays with lots of booze. Let me live through you! 




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6 minutes ago, WolvesEthereal said:

What are these "Holidays" you speak of?!

confused gary coleman GIF

They're LIES. They're not holidays at all. We went camping for 4 days with a toddler and a hyperactive dog, I need therapy. 

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