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Hey Guys!


This is just a wee post to introduce you to the Ember mod team!


Gibby and Tom partake in some relaxing extracirricular activities

What does a mod do?..

Ember moderators research and add requested games to our games database, so you can add them to your profiles. The moderators have an expanding role and their responsibilities will increase as Ember grows, they ensure Ember has only relevant content that meets our terms and conditions.

If this doesn't make you moist, We don't know what will

@Gibby - Mod Lead & QA

Location: Sheffield, UK 🇬🇧

"My name is Gibby. I like my Beer strong and my music heavy. I joined this community because Max kept pestering me about it and signing up was the only way to make him stop. But I'm looking forward to watching this community grow and to help in any way I can. Games wise, I am a massive fan of grand strategy games such as the Total War and Paradox Interactive series, but I will always have a lot of love for the old school classic such as Age Of Empires 2 and Rise of Nations. Also a massive fan of Battlefield, Mass Effect, Gears Of War and Witcher 3. Outside of gaming and lurking on discord I am a big football fan and am always trying to plan some kind of mini get away to interesting cities and countries."


"Shut up Tom"

@Roboticeagles - Ember Pinata

Location: Bolsover, UK 🇬🇧

"Hi I'm Tom and I seriously need to shut up at some point"



@HarlanTV - Moderator & Data Analyst Bean

Location: Manchester, UK 🇬🇧

"Hi I'm Harlan! I'm from Manchester, UK. When not eating pizza I like to play games about pizza."


Massive liability with a ukulele and cookies

@MoogieCookie - Moderator & Professional Cookie

Location: Warrington, UK (also Mars) 🇬🇧

""Hi I'm Jess. I write shirt stories, play ukulele and have an unhealthy obsession with KDrama's"

"Klokke ende"

@Aserah - Moderator & Office Viking

Location: Østbirk, Denmark 🇩🇰

"Hi Im Aserah, Aserah is the name of the game. How to play? Pour the coffee and back away slowly. Oh and I like cake"


The professional acting one 😋

@Hestia - Moderator & Chef Bean

Location: Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

"Hi! You can call me Hestia. I come from an island called Bali, in the country of Indonesia. My motto is: Quality customer service and customer relations is the key to success."


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