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Devader - How to blow things up in space!



Game: Devader

Publisher: Falkenbrew

Price: 12.49€ Steam Link

Release Date: 2nd of Septemer 2019

Genre: Shooter, indie



Devader is a game that I stumbled upon due to one of my streamer friends (thank you, Erik!) and was approached by the developer to try it out. I didn't know what to expect from it, but could see from the trailer that it was some sort of shooter in space. It is described as an "intense 90's style twin-stick shooter" and surely it does bring me back to those good old days as I play! When you start a playthrough you can choose between four difficulty levels, from beginner to insane god mode, and the goal is to keep your base alive during up to 100 waves. Now, I haven't reached the end of my first playthrough yet but according to the game description there are 19 possible endings. Which means that there is a decent amount of replayability! You can play with either keyboard + mouse or a controller, this review was done with an Xbox controller.

The waves are not going to be happening one by one until the last one, but rather are set up in sets or rounds. Each round features a boss and afterwards you get to upgrade some skills before the next round, your difficulty settings decide on how many skills you get to upgrade and what kind of enemies you will face and how many waves. At the start you will also get to choose between some aid/weapons that will make it easier to protect your base. 




The game itself is really vibrant and colorful, with lots and lots of explosions all over the map. The map is pretty small, but you get surrounded by enemies all the friggin time so it doesn't really bother and you don't have the time to think about many things except how to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible... And avoid getting yourself killed. Because, dying is bad you know? The music and sound effects are great and really suits the game, pumping you up for the mass slaughter of your enemies! The game mechanics are easy to learn but difficult to master, which I think is great in any game! There is a story to the game, saving an ancient civilisation from the mysterious Krin... And between the rounds you get some more information about what is happening. It's not a very deep story, but still a nice touch!




Did I enjoy playing this game? Hell yeah! It's not a very complex game, but neat! Was pleasantly surprised over how much fun I was having while shooting to the left and right. If you're into this type of games, I would recommend giving it a try. It is also a great game if you don't have the time to play something for several hours... Maybe you want to just stop thinking about work for 30 min? Or, maybe you just want something which is not very deep or complicated? I might add that I haven't encountered any bugs yet so the game feels very polished! Thank you for reading and a big thank you to Falkenbrew for letting me play the game!

- Kyathil




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