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What To Stream or Not To Stream?



This is my current dilemma. As a nearly entirely offline campaign gamer, I struggle to find my niche with Twitch streaming. After taking a month's hiatus to test out new games and see where I want my stream to go, I still find I'm drawn mostly to campaign games! I just can't seem to get into the battle-royale style games that are so popular these days. So this is my question: is streaming really for online games or are there people out there that like to watch us old gits play campaigns? 

It's hard. Looking at the most popular games on the Twitch browse list you will see that the vast majority are online games such as Fortnite or Apex and, while they do look fun to have a go at, I don't really think it's something that I would be happy dominating my stream with! It doesn't mean I won't try, it just means I'm trying to figure out some kind of balance between online and the games I'm really interested in. Which leads me to my next journey: finding online games that have interesting stories! I suppose Elder Scrolls Online might be a start. I am a big ES nut (hence the name) and I do have a fast enough PC now to really give it a go. I did enjoy Destiny for a while there and there's the sequel that I haven't tried yet. There's also Dead by Daylight to try, since I do like a scare. 

I suppose the other thing - a big thing for me - is that I've never really been a huge fan of the online abuse you get online. I've been told many things about my sex life and my mother's sex life during my few ventures into Apex and Fortnite (and once on Far Cry 2 where I learned that I shot like a girl but that must have been a good thing because I had the most kills *shrugs*) and it's hard to play these kind of games when you have a toddler in the room who's listening to grown men call her mother a ****er within five seconds of killing someone online. Kind of takes the fun out of it. Have learned a few Russian swear words though. So there's that. 

The downside to campaign streaming is that it is a lot quieter to stream. I tend to natter a lot and 80 percent of that seems to be swear words aimed at cassowaries and tall cliffs in-game. So, to try and battle that, I will actually, definitely, probably, surely remember to add my Discord to my streams so I can chat with my random nobbers while I get killed in many different games. If you want to join my server (if that's the right lingo) then let me know and I'll add you. 

So, here's the questions of the day: what do you guys enjoy watching on stream? What is your favourite cheese?

Thanks for reading my first Ember blog post guys, I'll be sure to ramble incoherently again soon! 



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