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Rashlander - How to die in space



Game: Rashlander

Publisher: Hitcents

Price: 3.29€ RASHLANDER on Steam

Release Date: 6th of August 2019 

Genre: Action, Indie


"This game looks cute!" - Kyathil, 2019




Have you ever started a game bursting out things like "Oh gosh, this is so cute!" only to realize that the game is not only cute, but also hellishly difficult (looking at you Ori)? This was the case for me while starting up Rashlander. The game brings me back to the good old days of Moonlander, but with some modern touches such as integration with Twitch. The overall game objective is not very complicated, you have your little space vehicle that your steering through the void that is space and you're supposed to land your vehicle on a set target platform... And on the way you might encounter fueling stations, upgrades, messages and various obstacles. For each level you successfully do so, the distance might increase and/or obstacles are added to the map. Sounds easy, right?

That is a very wrongful assumption! This game is by no means easy, at least for me. Even when I switched from keyboard + mouse to an xbox controller. Steering the little vehicle proved to be quite difficult and I'm embarrassed to think of how high my deaths/minute ratio must have been during my first twirl with the game. Now, I'm not very used to this type of games which will obviously contribute to this ratio... Still, my pride took a couple of hits while playing. However, I did have lots of fun while dying as well! 




The Twitch integration is a fun way to add some difficulty to your game experience with the viewers steering through set commands in the chat room. Which is, according to me, always a fun addition to a game. Sadly, I wasn't able to try this out myself during my first time with the game but I do hope I can give it a try during my next planned stream experience of the game! I don't think Mixer integration in a similar fashion has been added, yet... So any Mixer user that would like to see this on that platform as well, do give the developer a friendly poke!

During my first play through I did encounter a few bugs, which I reported, and the developer has been very quick in addressing these! Always pleasant to see good interaction from developers of games :classic_smile:

If you feel like having a break from the ultra realistic games of today and play something simple, yet hard... I would really recommend giving Rashlander a try. It's easy to over complicate things in games and we sometimes forget that less is, sometimes, more! I really had a fun experience with it and will jump back to it very soon!



- Kyathil



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While on the subject of ultra realistic games. Escape from Tarkov is easy in comparison to Rashlander! That aside. As far as the ship of Rashlander goes. I really enjoy the third ship, the bulky one, if aggressive steering is applied to it!

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