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We Knew No Bounds



“We knew no bounds, as we marvelled at what we could achieve it never dawned on us to consider whether we should.”
 “In the beginning it brought only improvement to our life; communication, information, education, we lived longer and in more comfort than our ancestors could ever imagine.”
 “We pushed the boundaries, we created life where the natural order had decided it shouldn’t exist, and that still wasn’t enough.”
 “Further, further we dabbled with power that wasn’t given to us, power that we didn’t truly comprehend the consequences of. We didn’t simply create life, we tailored it, bent the very basics of our essence to our will, we played God. Not content with simply improving our lives, we believed it was our right to improve life itself!”
 “Still we didn’t stop; that inner desire to explore, to hunt, drove us on. Almost a century had passed since we first stepped foot on the Moon, a hundred years full of technological advances, a hundred years where Mankind got smarter and smarter, but at no point did we get wiser.” 
 “We began to reach for the stars, this time to claim them as our own, and only then did the gravity of our mistakes become clear, we foolishly believed we were enlightened, how naïve we were.” 
 “We knew no bounds, and our reward was the discovery of that which we had denied existed for so long, that which we ridiculed, and as we toyed with the power of Gods, the Gods took notice of us.”





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