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This Tuesday, 13th August, for the first time ever I started to stream. I’ve grown up watching people on Youtube and Twitch, and genuinely spend more of my time watching people on these websites than I do TV or maybe even play games myself, maybe…

So what made me take that leap? My favourite streamer is Nickmercs, not because of the games he plays because quite frankly I can’t stand Fortnite or the crazy building coordination it takes, but because of who he is and the attitude and enjoyment he brings to his viewers.

It’s insane the impact someone like that can have on you without realising. Probably around 4-5 years ago now I was 4 stone heavier. I’d just got out a pretty toxic relationship and was pretty low. I spent so much time watching people like Nick, and one thing about his streams is his fitness. Now it wasn’t an overnight thing for me, I didn’t suddenly drop all that weight or go out the same day and start working out, but I would watch him and slowly built up a drive to do so from what I was seeing from him.

I was going to the gym, eventually Pokemon Go would come out and I’d be walking for hours at a time playing games and making friends and honestly between getting that push from him, without him realising, and through Pokemon Go I was in a different mindset, became a lot healthier and happier.

So that was a big reason for me, pay it forward. If I could have one viewer who watched me, and I cheered him up, that would make it all worthwhile. And with that in mind, I loaded up without a second thought and played some Apex Legends, chatting along to my 3 or so viewers. I got a couple of new followers and that’s just the beginning!

I’ve made content for Youtube, and built up somewhat of a following (currently stuck around 1477 subscribers), so I’ve seen those comments before ‘Thank you for helping me..’ etc which for me, is the reason I do any of this. I love playing games and joking around with friends and the thought that can impact other people is amazing.

For me though, Twitch trumps Youtube in every way. The recording process feels so much more natural and responsive with the live aspect, and I just enjoyed it so much more - which is why I intend on doing it on Twitch now instead, whether it be messing around with friends on games or a podcast.

So that’s my story of how or why I wanted to start streaming and why I continue to do so, what’s yours? Drop them in the comments below because I would LOVE to hear them.


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Thats so awesome dude! Glad you made a healthier lifestyle for yourself, and you're reminding me that I should probably do the same.

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