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The Importance of Preparation



This weekend I attended the Heroclix Nationals 2019 (a superhero tabletop game I play) for a couple of days of play. 

It's always super fun to play in and nice to catch up with everyone and play the game we love. Saturday consisted of a constructed and sealed qualifier which proved a long day! We arrived around 10AM and probably left around 9PM.

Now I've done this before, and as long as you stay hydrated, eat when you can and take it in steps it can be done. One big problem this time was I'd forgot my glasses. They were prescribed for when I do tasks that require concentration, and this game in particular that's crucial.

By the time 12-1PM rolled around and I'd been playing without my glasses I had a headache. I was running off 5ish hours sleeps and I felt awful. By the time the second tournament started I was sat there holding my head in pain.

So as the title says, always prepare. That should've been the first thing I packed, but I was so focused on the game I ended up getting there and not really being able to play. I still got to see friends and enjoyed the Sunday a lot more - but never underestimate the importance of preparation and health.

Thanks for stopping by for my first article, make sure you're followed for a couple of posts a week. I'll be touching on my first EVER streaming experience later this week so hang around.

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