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This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!
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Development Roadmap Q4 2019/Q1 2020





Hey Guys

First of all welcome to all the new users, it's great to have you on board this..crazy journey! we hope you enjoy Ember and take an active role in it whilst we grow and head towards launch, I'd like to lay out a little bit of an updated road map so you are aware of where we are headed!

It's been absolutely humbling to see you all enjoying something that not so long ago was just a thought in my head, there are many features and updates on the way so let's get into them, I'll break them up into two sections, immediate and upcoming:


- Bug fixes, we're always looking to squash those pesky bugs! we appreciate you reporting them to us!

- Mixer integration, along side Twitch users will be able to integrate their Mixer streams into their Ember profile. The Twitch and Mixer streams will share the same area of the site here 

- Communities, we're developing our community update, this overhauls the current basic community features we have into a useful tool aimed at communties such as (but not exclusive to): Stream teams, Servers such as Minecraft or Ark, Roleplay community's such as D&D and LARP guilds. Community owners will have the ability to heavily customise their community to their needs, we're also further developing our Discord bot to have integrated features within communities such as setting ranks etc. 

- Gallery features, we're very aware of the raw talent on Ember! We've seen some amazing artist, designers, cosplayers and content creators already and it's only early days! Our gallery features will be a wonderful way to showcase your work!

- Some core redesigns, At Ember we generally manage our work flow by creating a feature, getting it functional and testing it and then we later return to it and apply a lovely polish, the Writers Blocks, Stream landing pages and Game database will get core UI redesigns to really make them pop, can't wait for you all to see!


- Inventory system, Members will be able to earn rewards such as badges/pins which they can proudly display on their profile, this will range from things such as Patrons, Alpha supporters, Beta supporters or other things such as attending an event hosted by Ember.

- Multi Streaming - We will be adding a Multi Stream tool so you could watch several streams simultaneously in one place. This will be designed for people who are streaming together and will work cross platform between Twitch/Mixer so in effect two or more people could be all playing together and streaming from their platform of choice...You could watch them all.

- Brand Pages & Ecommerce, we are developing features for brands to sell their products on Ember, this could range from retail shops to content creators selling their creations or streamers selling branded content, we will integrate drop shipping options such as printly so a creator can do it all from one place with ease. We will also begin monetisiing areas of the site so that content creators can earn revenue.

- Dashboards and Avatar Editor, The Dashboard update is the largest part of Ember, bringing the entire experience into one central point accessible from your dashboard, everything you follow and subscribe to will be there. The dashboard update includes our own avatar editor mini game where you will be able to edit your avatar and purchase cosmetics with your earned shards (this will only ever cost shards, never real money)

- Android/iOS development, your whole gaming world, in your pocket...what more do you need?

Official Launch

Ember will be hosting an official launch event at the National Video Game Museum in Sheffield in 2020, the event will include some of our partners and some of our affiliated content creators who will be speaking at the event, we will also be inviting our elected charities Get well Gamers and Special Effect to speak and showcase themselves.


there is more, but I like to keep a wee bit to myself 😉



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Im really looking forward to ember's future and im extremely proud to part of it from the ground floor not to mention im also a very happy patreon member. Oh did someone say PARTY?

You Are The Best GIF by Justin

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4 minutes ago, Edison The Fox said:

Things are looking Awesome!

Do we have a rough date for the official launch party?

Hopefully, during Q2 dependant on development going smoothly 🙂 in my head I am aiming for June time

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