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Five criminally underappreciated YouTube gaming channels

Ben Burns


One of my favourite pastimes is finding obscure YouTube channels, dedicated to very niche things, and just watching the host geek out over their chosen subject. For me, there are few more appealing qualities in a human being than genuine enthusiasm for something. I don’t care what it is, but if you’re obsessed with it, I want to hear about it.

Still, it seems a shame that these guys don’t get the attention they so sorely deserve, so I thought I’d share a few of the gaming-related channels I enjoy with you guys. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find something that ignites your imagination like it did mine.

One Credit Classics
Subscribers - 1.5k
Uploads - 231
Views - 90k

Despite what I said above, I’ve never really understood the appeal of Twitch and video game streaming. I’d much rather be playing a game myself than watching some rando do it for me. This channel, however, is the exception to the rule.

As the name might suggest, this dude runs through classic arcade games on just a single credit. Not only is he a master at what he does, but he’s somehow able to be entertaining whilst doing it. There are maybe a dozen games that I can smash through in a single credit, using decades of familiarity and a lot of concentration. This dude manages it with ease, all whilst engaging in banter with the viewer and explaining how he’s doing what he does.

The Southern Sega Gentleman
Subscribers - 1.9k
Uploads - 20
Views - 45k

As a European who grew up in a country where Sega was king, it’s always interesting to me when I meet Americans who are obsessed with the likes of the Dreamcast or Streets of Rage. This is especially true for the Saturn, which more or less bombed over in the U.S. The Southern Sega Gentleman is one such YouTuber who specialises in documentary-style videos, discussing all of the oddities and (sometimes atrocities) of Sega’s mid-’90s heyday.

However, the real reason this channel deserves a mention is for the quality of the production. Transitions are often peppered with deft camera work and expertly taken, high-res images. The content is always carefully researched and well-executed. It’s just an all-round professional set-up. Also, I could happily listen to this dude say the word ‘peripheral’ all day long.

Leftover Culture Review
Subscribers - 7.2k
Uploads - 140
Views - 610k

About five years ago I was convinced that The Leftover Culture Review was going to become one of the biggest retro channels on YouTube. The host, Bruiser, is a professional video editor and so his shows, mostly about obscure Atari and Sega games, were full of slick editing and cool presentation.

Sadly, life happened and Bruiser had to stick his channel on the back burner. What we’ve been left with is over 100 videos of the best retro reviews you’ll ever see. This guy is pretty much the reason I sought out and purchased an Atari Jaguar. He actually made the Jaguar seem fun. Think about that for a moment.

ST1KA’s Retro Corner
Subscribers - 3.9k
Uploads - 121
Views - 200k

St1ka is a really amusing guy. In fact, he really embodies what I mentioned in my opening paragraph about just being passionate and having fun. His videos range from serious journalism to silly things about sex-scenes in retro games, but he injects them all with a kind of dry humour that is even more impressive when you realise that English isn’t his first language.

If you’re looking for a more light-hearted, pick-up-and-watch kind of experience, you really can’t go wrong with this channel.

Subscribers - 10.6k
Uploads - 75
Views - 1.3m

Another dead channel, Yomarz specialised in reviewing the shittiest of mobile games, particularly those that illegally ripped off established IPs like Crash Bandicoot and GTA. Most of his videos include various in-jokes, noting that the vast majority of terrible mobile games are the same demo game, re-skinned.

He bowed out a few years ago and his last video, a documentary about the Nostalgia Critic, came out after the controversy with his website poisoned that particular well. A shame, because Yomarz was clearly a talented YouTuber.



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