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RS Meets - The Geek - 20/07/2019

Welcome to The Geek! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, Im a scifi geek (predominantly Whovian), dad of 3, husband and Twitch streamer gamer/interviewer.


Awesome - so let's start with streaming! Who/what inspired you to start doing it?

I was inspired by my good friend Thedoghouselive to stat streaming after seeing him start and being on his stream as a fellow gamer in his games, He helped me set my channel an stream up and has been a soundboards for me ever since.

We also have your 'Geek Live' show - how did that come about?

I stumbled across a streamer by the name of Vanjamme and his overlays and scenes were amazing, he was amazing and he had like 2 viewers, i felt he should be having a hell of a lot more in there than that as he was entertaining as hell, I chatted with him during the stream and kept coming back each stream and getting to know him, i started tweeting him out when he was going live and talking about him to others to get him some more coverage... I then had a thought of creating a feature on my stream showcasing streamers I've found that had nowhere near the people around then that they should have, so i invited him into my stream to join the game i was playing and was talking about him and to him to find out more about him and his stream, we called it streamer of the week and as it grew, we made it so people could nominate streamers to be interviewed, we went from questionnaire answers read out, to audio interviews, to a virtual studio with cam call interviews..
Nearly 2 years later that has now evolved to opening it out not only to streamers, but to other content creators, game devs, musicians, etc... This is now a fortnightly interview and has a new name Geek Live.

If you could interview anyone, alive or deceased, who would it be and why?

I would say the late Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), because she was such a fun character and a great laugh!

Good choice! What question would you ask her?

If you were a real princess, what would your first Royal Decree be?

What about 'The Geek' brand - how did you come up with it?

I have always been a geek and a nerd, so instead of being just a PSN handle for my Twitch name, I decided to theme my channel in January 2018 and typed in TheGeek - waiting for it to give me ideas of what to have, but then it came back saying the name was actually available...NO WAY!! So I clicked yes and checked it 3 times to make sure it was real and I had the name.... then I had to rush to get all the graphical overlays and stuff done as I was still pretty shocked!




What's something you wish you'd known back when you started out streaming?

I wish I had known how to use my streaming software properly, so I could have done video interviews from the start, and not 5 months down the line before I had figured out a stable way of doing it!

Lucky you! As far as long term plans are concerned, what are your goals? What would you like to achieve?

I have no plans or goals to go for partner or anything like that, I just want to build a fun and friendly community and to grow my viewership to give my interviews a lively chat for the guests I get in. I actually prefer doing interview streams to the game streams to be fair, but it would be hard to keep the number of guests flowing to last very long, so I have worked out the best schedule of every Wednesday being my stream team group game, then alternating the Thursday streams to be interview one week then a solo play game or collab stream, to keep it fresh.

Aside from creating content - what do you do for fun?

I juggle hanging out with the wife and kids, playing PS with my friends and hanging out in other peoples stream chats, I work a lot of hours so its a fun thing to juggle!

You're stuck on a desert island can only have three items with you. What do you choose?

A photo of the family; a solar panel phone charger and my phone with unlimited data!

Rapid fire question time - don't think just answer! What is your all time favourite movie?

Back to the Future

TV Show?

Dr Who!


Battlefield V


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Pizza! Specifically - BBQ sauce base, cheese, pepperoni, ham, tandoori chicken strips, ground beef and sausage! Even better as a calzone!

Did Thanos really do anything wrong...?

Kinda... I can see the reasoning, but he went about it all wrong, if he had the power to pretty much do anything, why make half of all life dissappear bacause resources are finite, why not just make resources infinite?

Are you part of any teams/networks that you'd like to give a shout out to?

WE ARE HIVE!! PUGMUNITY!! GLASSJAW!! OTSS!!  All are amazing communities which I have made a lot of lasting friendships in.


And finally, when can we find your content?

Website - www.thegeektwitch.co.uk
Twitch - twitch.tv/thegeektwitch
Twitter - twitter.com/thegeektwitch
Instagram - instagram.com/thegeektwitch

And that wraps up another edition of RS Meets! If you'd like to get involved, you can do so by completing the questionnaire here!


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