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Kuri, the robot that should have been...

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A sad ending to an adorable robot that would have undoubtedly had universal acclaim

Kuri, the adorable and expressive robot from Mayfield Robotics could have been a game changer; a way to get a robot in every home. A super charged Amazon echo with wheels that looks like it came straight out of a Pixar Studio. It's a shame that Bosch, Mayfield Robotic's parent company, never really saw past their own wallets.

This could have been the robot that changed everything, robots would no longer be a niche market for the ultra nerd. This would have been the robot children bugged their parents for until they eventually caved just to get some peace and quiet.



Kuri doesn't speak, instead it uses an array of "beep-boops" and incredibly expressive eyes to communicate 


Bosch had stated that the Kuri and Mayfield Robotics was "not a business fit" shortly before shutting the project down and refunding thousands of pre-orders which in my view, was a very stupid mistake.


Nobody's going to remember the worlds greatest washing machine maker, Bosch.



Maybe this was for the best? Perhaps those adorable eyes were a gateway into skynet, before you'd know it there would be armies of Kuri bots on the march to bleep-bloop us out of existence....


Bosch, get your shit together.




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An army of these things trying to overrun Earth would be terrifying!

On a serious note, I'm sure another company will release something similar over the next 5 years.

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