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Closing off June with some nice casual games, just slowing it down after all those crazy fast-paced shooters we've been bombarded with lately.

Slip into the past and lead your clan in taking over Japan. A Turn-Based strategy called Shoguns Empire: Hex Commander. Destroying your enemies armies one turn at a time and gaining honor in battle. 15 Clans are at war, but only one will be left at the end.
Not every hero has a sword at hand to use, sometimes, you just have to grab the nearest thing and start swinging. Ponds, bookshelves, trees, corpses... anything in The World Is Your Weapon... is your weapon. Heck, you can even step outside your own house and pick it up to swing around. You'd think someone with that kind of strength wouldn't need a weapon right?

Check them out below and tell me what you think. Any of these grab your attention like it did mine?




Shogun's Empire: Hex Commander (https://www.homenetgames.com/)
Genre: Historical, Turn-Based Strategy
Price: $9.99/£6.99
Developer: Home Net Games
Publisher: Home Net Games
Release Date: 27th June 2019
Available on PC
Steam Store

The Empire of Japan is tearing itself apart. Fights are constantly breaking out between its provinces. The reign of your clan begins — become Shogun, the ultimate ruler of Medieval Japan.
Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander is a turn-based strategy game from the creator of Earth 21XX series.

I'll start by saying that if you're looking for a deep and complex strategy game, this is not it. Think Total War Lite, you have the historical setting and 15 different clans to choose from. The combat is turn-based with different units acting in a sort of Rock-Paper-Scissors style strategy. I've yet to see any unique unit abilities to add variety. The economy is pretty simplified as there are only two resources to keep an eye on. Diplomacy is merely an afterthought, as creating an alliance will more often than not lead to betrayal.

Now there is a reason for it's stripped down mechanics, having been brought over from the world of mobile gaming. If I was reviewing this as a mobile, I would be pretty impressed with what's on offer, but as a PC game, it needs an upgrade. I'm not saying it has to be as complex as Total War or Civilizations, but it needs more oomph. Like I mentioned before, combat needs to be more interesting and diplomacy has to be expanded a bit too. The base game is there and I can see the potential for it to be a great casual game to play, but right now? It's too casual for me.




The World is Your Weapon
Genre: Action, RPG
Price: $9.99/£7.19
Developer: Kagaya
Publisher: DWANGO Co
Release Date: 28th June 2019
Available on PC
Steam Store

Wells, pitfalls, houses, villagers, monsters (!?), anything around you can be a weapon! An action RPG that you've never seen before, you can fight with all the objects you see in the game. There are more than 300 kinds of weapons. Aim to complete the weapon gallery!

All I had to see to be sold on this game is the character swinging a fridge at a monsters head. This game takes it's namesake literally as everything can be used as a weapon. That bookshelf? yup, That house right there? Yup. The innocent bystander? Yuuuupp. You get the idea and with that in mind, this isn't a game to take seriously, its a really fun light-hearted story with great anime-style art and clean UI.

Anyone looking for some casual fun, this is a great game to pick up. It doesn't cost much and you'll be entertained for many hours.

Just poked my head into the reviews, it seems some have felt bad about accidentally picking up 2 children and their father, then swinging them... Make what you will and go get all 300 'weapons'!



Stay tuned for more New Releases and Early Access picks every weekend.


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