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Top 10 EA Games


When you look at it today, EA has been known to be the but end of the jokes and memes when it comes to their games and business practice. They’ve always made a marketing disaster that soon turn one of their popular titles or upcoming biggest hit, into a s**t fest of insults and backlash that even the Chicago Firefighter team would have a difficult time to put out these flames. Which is such as shame because EA, like several other companies out there, could put out great hits and games now compare to their past. And speaking of the past, I think it is time to see how great these games are, and the games you ought to play that’ll give your head a double take, and ask yourself what went wrong with EA. This is the top ten EA games of all time.


10 Mirror’s Edge


There was a time when parkour was a fad all over the world. The art of freestyle running sounds bizarre, weird, and stupid, as runners would sprint, leap, jump, lunge, or swing their way from one object to the next without stopping at all. It sounds even more ridiculous when you learn that people would do this on rooftops and ledges of their own city or town. EA took this fad and decided to make a game out of it, having players assume the role of Faith and run through a city that is corrupted by political tyranny, crooked police officers, and controlled media. Gamers get the full on experience in first person view as the sound and visual look as the game offers are amazing in terms of graphics and gameplay. Being able to leap from building to building, sliding under poles and climbing gates, and the ever almighty big leap of faith that can literally kill anyone, the game has deliver the thought of what parkours would dangerously do to fuel their adrenaline. The story was a downfall on the third act of the game and the combat mechanics feels pretty sloppy at worst, but it’s the participation that gamers get and the challenge on getting a better time and a better run that pushes this game to be on the top list.


9. EA Sports game


I know is cheating, but if I were to rank each EA sports game individually, it would take up most of the space on this list, and thus some of the games that do deserve to be here won’t make it. EA is known for their licensing of the NFL, FIFA, and UFC, and making games based off those three leagues. They also still release NBA licensing games in the form of NBA Live, a direct competition of 2K NBA games, and NHL games, a series that once was known for receiving sports game of the year for a long run. Yet surprisingly enough, EA has a large list of sporting games to this point. There is the MLB licensing games MVP in 2003, 2004, and 2005. The NCAA Football and Baseball games. Grand Slams of Tennis in 2009 and 2012. PGA golf tour, dated back in 1990 up to 2015. And even Nascar from 97 to 2008. They even gone as far as making Cricket and Rugby, two games you most certainly won’t find outside of their regional area. But by far the best has to be the BIG series, a list of EA games, even their sport series, turning into arcade wonderland. Games such as NFL and NBA getting a streets edition, having players with attitude and style compare to the professional games. SSX, a snowboarding game that takes style and fancess to a whole new level. And Def Jam Vendetta, a wrestling game that pits popular rappers against each other for supremacy. EA sporting games still continues today and may still be going on strong thanks to their communities. There’s always a sports game for everyone, so go on and search for the one you would enjoy today.


8 Burnout Paradise


While many people are inclined to say that Burnout 3 Takedown is the best Burnout game of all time, I however feel like my heart is more towards Burnout Paradise. While there isn’t a couch co-op just like the last four games, Burnout Paradise takes an open world approach as the city is now your playground to perform stunts, go as fast as you can while dodging a series of a traffic filled world, and bash any opponents into oncoming traffic or objects on the road. The single player lets players compete in a series of races and special competition while searching for a secret car roaming around the paradise city and crash it to add it into the garage. Burnout Paradise holds three different classes, making the game more distinctive towards what style the player wants to control, either getting more turbo by successful boosting without crash, performing stunts to add more boosts, or crash other players to get more boosts. While the single player is fun, the multiplayer online makes it all worth the money well spent, players can cooperate with one another to complete a group challenge or try to outdo one another in a skills challenge. Or get involved in a classical racing challenge with traffic setting and car selection from unlock vehicles are allowed before the race starts. It’s a thrilling game that gets your blood pumping and your heart beating fast, especially when one small mistake can pretty much ruin your involvement in the game


7 Rock Band 2


The Rock Band series took a concept that was already popular, which is rhythm games that included a plastic guitar controller, and added in a full scale band set, that allow more people to have fun and making everyone feel like their are in an actual band. The series started off well with great classical rock and metal music, character customization, and some extra DLC songs to carry on. While the third one included a keyboard and symphony lyrics to have more than one singer involved, it's the second of the series that brought out the best of the Rock Band series. Being able to play songs not just from the game, but songs from the first Rock Band game was asthoning, making it feel like Rock Band can be backwards compatible without the need to just playing one or the other. The game offers up more customization when creating a character and an online mode to play with anyone online. Rock Band 2 also have one of the most difficult playlists and update their playlist with new tracks on a weekly basis. Anyway you wanted, that's what you'll get from this amazing game. So go on and feel like a rock star.


6 Sims series


Once again it’s a series that has a lot of love from their communities and can capture the attention of those who are curious of a new genre. The Sims series basically have you play narrator as you take control of the world and shape it into a universe of your own. EA has created a large list of Sims games from the late 80’s and early 90’s, but the ever popular SimCity and The Sims are well remember today. Allowing players to create a city as the mayor of SimCity, players get the ability to put down towns, buildings, schools, and other objects to make their own imaginative world while also enduring the natural disasters of earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, and the ever dangerous alien invasion. It endured for the test of time and may be forgettable thanks to the latest disastrous PR EA has done with the last SimCity game. Then there is The Sims, a game where players can create a character and live out a life of their own, building a career of their own, meeting new people, and raising a family. It’s one of EA’s greatest games and has four releases to this point, all having great improvement thanks to the expansion packs that The Sims have. The Sims now have add ons that put in more work, new seasons, and of course pets, cause who doesn’t want a cute dog in their life. 


5 Dead Space


The concept of survival horror game has shifted thanks to the release of Resident Evil 4. While the game did contain the element of survival horror, it felt more like an adventure game with freaky monsters, and the ability to stack up and pack your weapons properly to defeat the final boss. Other games did attempt to creature their own unique twist of survival horror, but none has been able to capture it more like what EA did with Dead Space. The idea of a survival horror in space is entirely new and felt pretty original since we are dealing with zombie aliens of all things.  Being armed with only a plasma cutter, it’s not like taking their heads off would be easy as they take a new twist on how to defeat the undead rather than the traditional sense. Along with this comes the dark and gloomy environment, surrounding it with traps and creatures who are searching for more survivors to kill, while others have either been mauled or mutilated to death, or worse, commited suicide. Even some survivors are impaled and stuck on the wall as they struggle with all their might to escape this nightmare with a grunt of pain and desperation. Add in the gruesome gore EA has ever created, which was shocking something they weren’t really into nor wanted to be viewed as, and you have yourself one of the most entertaining games to play with the lights out. The game can be so freaky and so tough that you’ll only have a number of saves on the hardest difficulty and thus forcing you to think on your feet on when to save and when to continue on. A real example on how a survival horror really works in a brink of adrenaline. 


4 Def Jam Fight for NY


Now we did talk about Def Jam being one of the best EA BIG games since it included rappers getting involved in wrestling for power and glory. What follows of course is what really happens when you have a turf war that needs to be settled with fists than with weapons. Def Jam Fight for NY change the landscape of Def Jam games by having a 1 v 1 fighting game with characters having their own unique fighting style and attitude, it feels like another Wu Tang Clan film coming Straight Outta Compton between the East Side and West Side. The characters involved in the game are actual rappers themselves perfectly portrayed as real life imagery, and well depicted on who they are and what style they do. Add in a solid gameplay and a great variety of options in the game and you have yourself a winner. The golden ticket of course has to be the story, as the game has you play as the protagonist of the game in a clan war between the D-Mob’s Crew and the Crow’s Crew for control of NY, that even director Spike Lee could have made this an Oscar nominated film. All of this coming from a game that was once intended for a wrestling company but soon after help gave birth to something fun and grew into a spectacular sequel.


3 Battlefield 3


While Call of Duty has been a popular multiplayer game and embrace the concept of a warfare set in a modern timeline, many still feel Battlefield is the superior game thanks to its larger map setting and use of vehicle combat that Call of Duty abandon following the release of the first Modern Warfare games. After two releases set in the World War II era, EA decided to jump shift into the Modern era and release the third Battlefield game set in the modern era with huge positive remarks. Not only have Battlefield been able to keep up with Call of Duty, it pretty much surpass them as they involve modern vehicles and air ships to accommodate the mass war between 32 players pitted in one map. Battlefield 3 didn’t have a strong single player campaign unlike Call of Duty which knocks a few points down on this list, but it didn’t matter as you and several other of your friends and strangers gather around to cause mayhem and explosive in the city. And because of this, the idea and feel of how war really should be is included in this game. If a tank blows up a building, that building better crumble, or you are just being one of the most strongest material man has ever produced in a fictional realm.


2 Need for Speed Underground 2


The hype of fast pace racing grew larger in the early 2000’s thanks to movies such as Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast and 2 Furious, as well as meet ups of said car modding. EA seen this and decided to milk it for all it is worth with their own twist on the Need for Speed Series. Need for Speed Underground was a hit and have been critical acclaim by fans as one of the best racing games ever produced. Need for Speed Underground 2 make it better, with more cars and more customization options, the introduction to SUVs, better control and gameplay, the ability to change the setting of the car to specify certain races, and better yet, an open world to cruise around and venture while challenging other drivers on the road for a cat and mouse chase. The game also had great soundtrack to it and the look and feel to it makes it almost movie like quality. While the story is once again almost non existence, something that EA has attempted to do in future Need for Speed games, this one however, didn’t really need any story or narration, but rather being one of the top crew members or racers in your city and drive feeling pimped out and a bad ass that drivers and people around have no other choice but to respect you on it. And respect is what you want to earn if you want to make it to the top in this game.


1 Mass Effect 2


Of course it is by far one of EA’s greatest games. After the success but before the downfall, EA and Developer BioWare made sure the sequel was a huge improvement than the prequel, with more interactive story, better character customization and better gameplay than before. What’s best is that if you own the first Mass Effect game, you can transfer your stats from the previous game onto this one thou the game isn’t too easy to play. Certain choices must be made in order to preserve piece among the galaxy and choices that are made may have server consequence either a lost of a teammate who had been with you from the very start, to almost a lost of an entire planet. Interesting dialogue and story is what makes this game purely amazing, with the heart felt of betrayal and pain, to companionship and romance, especially hot alien action between two people. Character development is also a great improvement during the dialogue and people would have their favorite character besides Shepherd him or herself. The series did continue on with more DLC to keep the action going and bringing us more characters that we can account on during the galaxy travel. All this, wrapped up in one spectacular game that can counteract against popular RPG games out there.


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