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10 things Sony would like you to forget




After the fallout deal with Nintendo, Sony decided to create their own gaming mechanism to sale to be public. While the coperates at Sony felt that making a console was not necessary, one Ken Kutaragi thought of it otherwise. The result, Sony Playstation. The electronic guru form an outstanding gaming console that span for over 20 years and has been a widely successful electronic console. It has a huge fan base community, it broke sales records when the Playstation 2 is released, and has created a ton of classical games in its wake. Except, there are instants where Sony slip up and cause some questionable marketing decisions. Things that could pretty much raises an eyebrow at Sony’s PR. Today we’ll be taking a look at 10 things Sony would like you to forget.


10 Their absence at E3


E3 this year had a huge gap, in that Sony did not participate this year. It needed to deliver, and boy did it delivered. Every press conference has given their best and focus on their promises rather than just talking about it. Whether E3 was successful or not, is still debatable. However, without Sony participation, one could wonder if it would make E3 even more of a bigger event than what we got this past couple of days. We could have seen more about Final Fantasy VII and a possible trailer for their upcoming game The Last of Us 2. We could have even gotten a chance of a possible new playstation exclusive game and more info about the latest project Sony is working on, the Playstation 5. Even rival company Phil Spencer state that E3 isn’t as good without Sony, stating that without Sony involve E3 is kinda on par. This does show how important the fan base community are and how important it is to make it to the biggest show on the summer in order to drop some of the biggest news we would want to see from our favorite companies. What a shame.


9 The controversial PSP white poster


Video game consoles have a tendency to swap colors as the years go by. It doesn’t take long until a console would decide to change the color of their device and call it a limited edition before said console goes out of sale and would be resold for a huge amount of price than for what it is worth. This goes does go for the same as Sony released it’s white colored PSP in 2008 much to fans delight, but the attention it caught during its promotion was anything but settled. In 2006, a poster advertising the white PSP was on display in the Netherlands, and it displays a white woman holding a black woman by her chin in dominating fashion with the words saying Playstation Portable White Is Coming. And after reading this sentence, it may hit you in the head that while Playstation is promoting their newest handle held console in this advertisement, many has depict this as racism, and cause an outcry for Playstation to remove the ad and apologize. There were even down right call Playstation racist for even thinking about it at all. Tweets were sent out immediately mocking the new poster and gone viral within seconds, giving Playstation a terrible name in their expense. Playstation removed the poster upon the negative post and ensure a statement of apology for creating a poster like that. The biggest question is, what were they thinking in the first place?


8 Polygon Man


Having a mascot isn’t a problem at all, just look at Nintendo and Super Mario, or Sega and Sonic and Hedgehog. Many people would instantly remember your company when you have a mascot and you can do a lot with that said mascot. When Sony was deciding on who would be there mascot, some people in charge of Sony didn’t like how Crash Bandicoot look and felt it wasn’t going to capture the audience's attention and decided to go with a being known as Polygon Man, a floating head made out of polygons. Now keep in mind the main thing about being a mascot and that a mascot should look friendly or badass and not frightening. Polygon man look more frightening and disturbing to be consider as a mascot and it easily be mistaken to be taken as a villain rather than a hero, something that a mascot shouldn’t represent. This also lead to Ken Kutaragi upset at the design of Polygon Man. Thankfully, Sony decided to scrap Polygon after a few releases as their official mascot and done a good job forgetting the character until it suddenly popped up as the final boss of Playstation all-stars. Aka Smash Bros. rip-off


7 Their failures outside of Playstation Devices


Sony have done their attempts at copying their competitor success in hopes of achieving a higher standards in video game marketing or sticking one up their competitor’s ass. But by doing something outside of their elements and not giving enough focus on it, they would eventually die a painful death. One of which was the Playstation Move, a motion control device that encourage gamers to “Get up and Go.” This was at the hype of Motion Control setting thanks in part of how successful Nintendo’s Wii was doing, especially since the Wii Sports was one of the most popular games to play with friends and family. Sony’s attempt was of course a bizarre look from their controller, which look like a sort of naughty object if you will, and the lack of original games and compatibility with other popular games. It took them two years to drop this gimmick and never return to it again. Then there was the Playstation Portable. At first, the PSP was one of the most hyped handheld consoles, being able to play classical Playstation games as well as games from the Playstation 2 library and hopefully some original games too. It even started off displaying the ability to play movies, but that would soon fade away in favor of games. The worse of all comes from the last and final handheld console the PSPGO. Not many people would remember when this handheld console would drop. And many of their games are downloadable content, meaning you need a strong wifi service in order to play your favorite. Fans weren’t really into it, and the PSPGO would soon become one of Sony’s most laughable failures when it comes to console releases. Since then, there hasn’t been any releases outside of Playstation console until the PSVR, which is pretty good, I must say.


6 Their commercials


Before the internet blew up the way we watch media today, getting a chance to know about the upcoming consoles or video games comes in the form of television commercials. This is where years of competition and hype center around the game we want to see and how is one console is actually better than the other. Some commercials do work, but there are times when others just painfully fails. Case in point, few of Playstation’s commercials comes from the release of the Playstation 3. In one case, there is a baby doll sitting across the PS3 inside a white room. For whatever reason, the doll became alive due to animatronics, but it creepy as it seems like a possessed demonic doll set to open a portal to destroy the world. That case is proven more realistic as of course the facial expressions of the baby doll look horrific and the tease from the tears coming from it is real before sucking it all back in. What in the world is this commercial? I want to know how good the console is and what it can do, not give me night terrors of a simple child's toy that could kill me. Since then the commercials have improved as well as having one of Sony’s greatest mascots Kevin Butler. Now why isn’t he a DLC character for Playstation All-Stars.


5 Playstation Home


Upon the rising popularity of social media sites, Playstation figure to create their own social media site off their console called Playstation home. Combining the likes of Second Life and the popular avatar use such as the Mii’s from Nintendo and the avatars from Microsoft, Sony try to create an atmosphere where players can explore, meet with new gamers from around the world, and hang. However, it was a major flop, gamers weren’t really interested in this concept, especially for a video game console and while hundreds did enter the social media platform, it was easily forgotten within a year. Add in the fact that you have to pay for housing in the game and clothing as well which very few are willing to do and one can wonder why this would work in the first place. You pay real money for clothing for an avatar when you can be spending all that money on COD DLC. Surprisingly, it stuck around for the duration of the Playstation 3, meaning there were few who still got involved despite how garbage it is.


4 Lack of a mascot


This maybe pretty controversial seeing that Sony did have a Mascot in a form of Crash Bandicoot and later Spyro the Dragon. However, after a number of games these two had for the Playstation and Playstation 2, the two soon left the company and venture outside of Sony with Crash struggling to find success meanwhile Spyro would Skylanders. This does show how much Sony could not hold on to their mascots or lacking in creating a mascot as each console release they needed to create a new game and thus said game would have a potential of a new mascot character. And when you compare it to companies such as Nintendo and Sega, Sony is pretty much lacking in character development or maintenance. Sure Nintendo and Sega has overwhelmed us with games based off their mascot characters but they even knew that they need games off their best character to capture the audience's attention. Sony however, doesn’t have any of that at the moment right now.


3 Not supporting Cross Platforming


What is it that prevents Sony from doing this magnificent moment of playing with other players from other consoles or PC? Is it because of money? Oh yeah. Of course. During Fortnite’s epic burst into our PCs and consoles, the thought of cross platforming was mind boggling yet still possible. Being able to game with friends from around the world just on a different device does sound crazy yet still makes gaming all the more powerful since we didn’t really need to purchase a console and the game was free. Just need to buy outfits and such. This doesn’t capture Sony’s attention at all and felt that if they Cross Platform with other companies people wouldn’t want to buy a Playstation console at all, they’ll just get their competitors instead. Which sounds crazy because of the games they have for Playstation exclusive including Street Fighter V and Marvel’s Spider-Man. They even prevent players from cross-progressing their Epic account, by locking their account only for PS4 use and nowhere else. If this doesn’t tell you anything, it’s that Sony is just being too clingy with their gamers and not letting them meet others for an epic experience. Sorry guys, you just need to get your competitors console to experience cross platforming.


2 E3 2006


In 2006, the next generation consoles have been announced and with Microsoft getting a head start with their patented Xbox 360 and Nintendo announcing their Wii, Sony unveil their newest console, the Playstation 3. The best thing to come out of it is the new console is the reveal and the sigh of relief when Playstation 3 would have the original dual shock controller. After that, it was all downhill as Sony Playstation demonstrated bad games and gimmicks after another. Sony focus on the motion control the PS3 controller would have, negatiting the use of the analog sticks, and was well known for its crab battle and attacking the crab on its weak point. With lack luster titles and a shocking overpriced PS3 at nearly $600, Sony’s E3 was easily defeated war against the Xbox and Nintendo. For shame.

1 The hack of 2011


In April 2011, Playstation owners was shock to find out the playstation network was down. Owners were console and attempting to find out what’s going on until they received news that a hacker was able to bypass Sony’s online security and take down the Playstation Network. Because of this, millions of owners were in deep depression because they can’t access online connectivity to play multiplayer games or other activities such as streaming and some were concerned because of their information were compromised along with their credit card information. It was the ultimate panicking mode as Sony scramble to fix the problem and have known about this before delivering the news to press about the situation. With Sony’s lack of customer security and acknowledging owners about the situation, Sony was placed in a difficult situation where they must find a correct answer or suffer public backlash. Lucky, Sony was able to defuse the situation at that years upcoming E3 press conference and knew what to do and say about what has happened. They were able to get back into the good graces of their fanbase but one can wonder how much does Sony have to do to beef up their cyber security.


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