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A Work of Fiction

Let it Go - A LARP Fic (Wayward Road)



Background: Wayward Road is a LARP based on the T.V. series Supernatural but set in the UK. I play a character called Valentina who is definitely NOT human. 

This Fic is set in the game world but not related to any game play. 


"Look Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!" Vale sighed and smiled at the small child who was currently staring at her open mouthed whilst tugging on her parent's hand; "That lady looks just like Elsa!" Vale had to laugh, if only they knew just how accurate a description that was - minus the whole turning stuff to ice of course, she wasn't THAT much of a mutant!

Evie liked to joke that Vale's life was like the worst Disney film mash up ever but Vale felt a certain kinship with the ice princess; "conceal it, don't feel it indeed" she muttered, adjusting the fingerless gloves that covered the intricate swirling marks on her palms.

As she carried on walking, Vale thought wryly that if she ever needed a bit of extra cash she could always look into the whole Disney Princess party thing, but for now she just needed to let it go...


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