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Mortals - A LARP Fic (OJ&Qs)



Background: Of Jacks & Queens (OJ&Qs) is a dystopian fairytale larp where Happily Ever After and True Love might not be enough to save the day and rebellion is brewing. I play Maven the Green Fairy who is the daughter of the Lilac Fairy, head Fairy Godmother. Maven is a Fairy Godmother in training who's magic has been a bit temperamental in the past and who also got herself into a bit of trouble for turning in a Prince into a frog as a favour to a Princess who didn't fancy getting hitched... 

This is a Fic based in that world but not directly influenced by gameplay. 


Mortals, what was it about them that drew her in like a metaphorical moth to a flame?

She’d been warned time and time again not to get involved, that she’d only end up regretting it, but she just couldn’t help herself. Something about the fleeting nature of their lives made them burn that much brighter in comparison to the rather staid nature of the majority of the Fae. Well, the Fae that she spent most of her time around anyway. They were BORING!!

There was one particular group of mortals who fascinated her the most – those who called themselves PIRATES! They seemed to go where they pleased, do what they want, be with whomever they want and never had to answer to anyone. Such excitement! No rules, no expectations, no wildly powerful parent to disappoint…

As she sat in the window of her room, gazing out over the Forest, Maven dreamed of a different life – one of adventure, love and freedom.

“Maven!” came the call “It’s time for your lessons!”

Heaving a sigh, and with one last longing look out of the window, Maven gathered up her wand and prepared to carry on with her life.

One day, she promised herself, one day!


As Maven left her room she was watched by a pair of eyes that seemed rather knowing for a small amphibian…

One day, he promised himself, one day my love…


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