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EA has finish with their conference yesterday, displaying their new games, DLC, and content in LA and on EA.com. And it is safe to say that the EA Connect was okay. Nothing terrible nor anything that interesting about EA, except one new game coming out and it is the new Star Wars adventure game. The game looks good as it tries to capture the Star Wars experience playing as a Jedi who is on a rogue mission against the imperial empire. We get to see some lightsaber action, Jedi force powers, and interesting mechanics along with a new drone bot, BD-1, but overall nothing too eye popping. The developers confirm that the game is canon to the Star Wars series, which makes it great considering the novels and the other Star Wars game that is also canon. (Sarcasms). The game is set to be release later this year, possibly during the fall. We hope to hear more from this game soon, and hope they won’t make this game disastrous unlike their last two Star War games.


Next up is the second season of Apex Legend. They've talked about new legendary weapons and skins, a first, in my opinion, in Apex Legend. And a ranked mode. They also gotten into detail of a new Legend, Watson, who has a long history of Apex Legend, basically being raised in the arena which captures Legends appreciation and respect. She has a trailer dedicated to the character which is very short and only a voice over of her father, but she has an interesting dynamic, in which she focus more on defense and zone control, having players figure a great place to set up defense and bunker down for a while instead of charging in. I haven't played much of Apex Legend but by the looks of it, this character do look interesting on gameplay wise. Apex Legend will also have a season pass which is essentially buying the game rather than playing it for free and grind out to get more heroes, design, and emotes. There's also an interest trailer revolving around a giant monster which could mean their first PVE event down the line. The second season begins on July 2nd.


Next up it's Battlefield V and it's all about DLC maps. One big. One small. And one in between. I haven't play Battlefield V at all but by the way one map looks, it's quite cool as if it is an all out war like their last Battlefield game. Nothing else to say about this except if you own the game or planning to get this, prepare for the map to drop. DLC Maps will be released next month July into October. As well as the 5th chapter of Battlefield V that focus on the Pacific wars. The rank has increased from 50 to 500 to keep players engage. Private servers will begin in September.


Next two games are for sports fans as EA discuss about FIFA and Madden 20. First off FIFA 20 will have a street mode which is 3v3 and talked about ball control physics. Nothing much said there.


Meanwhile Madden has focus on players X-factor, traits, and one feature which focus on players being drafted into the NFL and building up from there. This primarily targets Madden players so again not much there. Fans and gamers who attended will get a chance to play an beta test as well as those who preorder the game.


Lastly EA finish up with the Sims 4 expansion, focusing on an island aspect. These center around clothing, furniture, activites, species as well since they are including mermaids, and animals. Giving players opportunity to create a fantasy island. They also will introduce Pride based items center around the LGBT community which is great. So that's that. As well as updates for their mobile devices. And a next pack centers around Magic which will be released in Fall.


Overall it was pretty fair for what EA has in store. And compare to their conference last year, this one feels okay yet better because they don't really have a large audience nor any strict time. They have enough time to fill and going from segment to segment without any issue on videos or audio problems. As far as their content goes, I do enjoy what EA brought in by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order right now, but want to know more about it. Apex Legend is getting more improvements over time and can get more players involved and some returning players too. And the Sims 4 is looking really really good which is great since the Sims is one of EA best series going on. What I didn’t like is the brief talk of Battlefield V DLC maps, although one or two is great, I feel it might be time to discuss about a new series or re-release. And the EA sports doesn’t quite get me. There’s nothing wrong with EA sports, however, I’m not a big fan of Soccer games, and Madden has focus on what the community is asking for, which of course doesn’t capture the casual player interest, even if the season mode offers real life experience from an actual football career. I feel those two could be cutoff and replace with something else but it was better than last year where a gamer in the Madden series would be guest hosting a segment of Madden, rather than the developers themselves. We’ll be looking forward for releases and some news on various games as the months go by.


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