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“Three months ago, we gave you a first look at Stadia, a new generation platform powered by the best of Google.” - Phil Harrison


When Stadia was announced, it was quickly speculated as the future of video games where no console is needed at all, and all you need is a controller. However, me personally, it feels pretty farfetch and tough to understand. Sure, I have been owning consoles since the Atari 2600, and PC gaming and gaming platforms such as Steam, as well as mobile games, change the way we game today, making it almost portable and also accessible. However, to have a game being carried around with just a controller and no console seems unlikely. But could the Stadia Connect that occur a couple days ago change my mind?


For starters, Stadia an be played on nearly all electronic devices, which sounds good but how much data and memory is really needed to play said games with great graphics and more important good internet connection? A bare minimum of 10 Mbps which means 720p to get 60 fps, so certain devices may not be able to keep up with these requirements. All this is being used by Google’s data center, which sounds pretty good since Google has been one of the most proficient company to provide new features and accessibility to everyone for free. Not the successful nor strong marketing, but still proficient indeed.


Stadia offers up premium subscribes call Stadia Pro, which gives owners the chance to unlock the full gaming experience $9.99 a month. After hearing this, I figure this is more of a streaming service just like PS4Now, since I only own a PS4 and know that’s the console I use to stream some games from the PS4 and down. Price wise the Stadia does have the edge, yet I feel it doesn’t make a difference between owning a game or streaming it. There is also the founder’s edition which allows those who pre-order have a chance to have their own name lock, lol, a limited edition console, and a chromecast ultra to stream 4k. However, the major blow to this is that it’s only available to a certain number of countries, namely the western hemisphere. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great we get countries UK, Spain, France, and Sweden, along with the US and Canada, but it feels pretty limited when thinking about the southern countries and the eastern countries too. The preorder is good thou, valuing at 129, so getting it shouldn’t hurt your budget. But if you are not convinced that this will rock the gaming world upon launch, holding off might be a wise thing to do, unless you are getting it for stream testing purpose.


Now, and more importantly, are the games. It’s not that convincing either. I have a feeling the issue I am seeing when it comes to a new console is the fact that they talk so much about the console, which is not an issue, but show little gameplay footage or gameplay at all. Google Stadia will have third party support and the newest game out of the trailers from the third party support is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which would be released from consoles as well. They have shown a trailer for Baldur’s gate, an rpg game, but no gameplay footage and whether it will stick to being an rpg game. As well as Get Packed, a four player co-op game similar to Overcooked, where you must take packages, furnitures, etc. into a moving truck without getting struck. They also hyped up Destiny 2 and their DLC content...yay….My problem is that the game being hyped up has been out for 2 years and feels like it is too dated to be on Google Stadia. Sure it will be another DLC content to further the game and you’ll be getting complete package of Destiny 2, but there are other games rather than Destiny 2 that do deserve to be a part of Google Stadia. They even state they are going to allow PS4 players to transfer their data over to Google Stadia, however, it is still being pended by Sony, meaning we may not have that transfer option at all. And why only Sony? Why not Microsoft or PC? There’s also a trailer for the Division 2 which is good. It’s still relevant, much more than Destiny 2, as well as other games on Stadia Google. Games I feel we should be having a chance to see how Google Stadia perform.


After seeing the conference I’m not having any high hopes on this, especially since it’s press conference launch. There really hasn’t been any demo from Google to provide how it works and it would have been a great opportunity to show how amazing this platform is. The lack of game announced as well as first party games pretty much hurt Google Stadia, as games are already released and promoted by consoles such as Nintendo Switch, and the pending approval some Sony of all company to allow transfer maybe unlikely. The controller looks good, and it may feel good. One thing I forgot to mention is the fact you can use other controllers and Keyboard and Mouse to play off Google Stradia, which is a great option, still they may want to focus a bit more on their own devices rather than giving us that option. There is time before launch date to know more about Stadia and hopefully have a live demo of the platform device, but for now we should be on cautious alert as to how well Google Stadia performs, as well as what games it will have on launch date.


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