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Writer's block

An intangible yet devastating phenomenon for anyone trying to write prose. It can be the difference between making or breaking a writer and each of us deals with it differently. From the complete break down of a previously well thought-out writing plan that has us spending hours reformulating how we're going to proceed - to the smallest word escaping our grasp and preventing us from finding a satisfactory continuation to our stories, a writer's block may differ in severity but unites many in their frustrations and hours hopelessly spent trying to correct what wasn't wrong in the first place.


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I've been writing for almost fifteen years now (fanfiction, original, educational and opinion-based articles and reports, and personal journals) and definitely for more than half my life. So when I say that I spent my fair share struggling through block after block, it's no exaggeration. However, I'm only one person and have built up my own biased ways of getting back into writing or circumventing a writer's block.


My style may not be flashy, or even the most engaging but by starting this writers block I will share with you all a lot some of my writings, random plot ideas and thoughts, and most likely more than a few of my struggles with writer's block and other general difficulties with forming a simple sentence. My blocks will differ greatly in size/length, but I hope that even just some of my words will reach you, entertain you, move you, or even help you through your own ideas and struggles.


First up, the as-yet incomplete Narrative for the ending of the Second Age; an Ark story line presented and created by our own overlord WolvesEthereal 💙


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