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This will be the second fic I post from the same LARP game as "Making Friends" . With Slayers LRP coming to an end this year, i'm defiantly feeling nostalgic. 



“Fyarl demons? Are you kidding me?” kaylee asked no one in particular as two of the demons in question came charging at her. She charged back, there was no point in making this last any longer than it had too.


Her favourite katana made quick work of the first sorry excuse for a demon, slicing through him like soft cheese, the second waste of evil was a little tougher to kill. It lunged towards her, tripping over its own oafish feet, hitting the floor and taking kaylee down with it. The blade was knocked from her hands “Get off of me you Moron!” kaylee kicked the idiot Demon off of her, scrambled for her katana and plunged it through the creature before it could work out what had happened.


From behind her someone started to slow clap. Kaylee rolled her eyes, pulled the katanta out of the Demon and turned ready to attack. She froze slightly confused. “nicely done” the vampire in front of her commented. The audacity of it! Did this overgrown mosquito not know who she was?! She swung at him, the blade catching on the moonlight. The vampire easily dodged the attack and expertly disarmed her. Kaylee raised her fists. She was happy to do this the old fashioned way. “how sweet” the vampire laughed at her “you won't hurt me slayer, I hear you're a vampire sympathiser these days” he smirked at her, angering kaylee further. She began to circle him, watching him, looking for a weakness, this bloodsucker obviously had some skill, but he was still no match for her. He stood confidently, watching her back, not a hint of fear “you're a pretty one aren't you slayer? And so cute when you're angry”

Kaylee grit her teeth, she was not going to talk to this monster, she was going to dust him and go home.

“I can see why they like you” he continued to verbal vomit “maybe you want to be like them too? Maybe that's why you've gone soft?”


Kaylee laughed out loud “gone soft?! You don't know what you're talking about”

“of course I do” he looked smug “you're in love with a vampire. You've been tempted by the night and you've given in”


Kaylee threw all her weight and strength into a forward kick, landing her foot on the vampire's chest and propelling him backwards into a tree. She leapt towards him pulling out a stake. Now with the tip of it pressed against his heart she could see real fear in his eyes. She smiled cruelly, Plunging the stake in to the soon to be dust bunny.

“Oh, bite me!” she stepped back before she was covered vampire dust. Some of these guys really did not know when to stop talking.

Picking up her katana, kaylee made her way back to the car. Time to go home, watch crappy late night TV and forget about the nonsense bullshit she had just listened too. 


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Time to go home, watch crappy late night TV and forget about the nonsense bullshit she had just listened too.“

I feel this sums up how to deal with most things in real life!

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