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Top Ten Capcom Remakes/Reboots




Capcom Reboot/Remake


Over the three decades being on this earth, there are few video game companies that have me excited for their games like Capcom. Capcom has created so many memorable games that it’s sad we don’t see many hd remakes or reboots of several games. Still, with releases such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil, along with Marvel vs Capcom and Strider, it’s safe to say there are a few I personally like to see get the HD remixed and reboot the entire series, and on this list I’m going to count down the top ten games Capcom need to reboot.


10 Captain Commando


There are a few games that were given the remake or reboots treatment despite how dated the characters are. Captain Commando is one of capcom most popular characters in the Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series and has had a beat em up games that sadly didn't capture audiences attention. Maybe it wasn't as well drawn out like other beat ‘em up games or didn't look flashy and interesting like Final Fight. Still, you can also play as a ninja, a mummy, or a baby riding a robot instead of Captain Commando. And you can save the world from a mad scientist who wants to take over the world, so you get the basic superhero treament. Captain Commando has never received a sequel nor did he ever get a mention besides the capcom crossover games, and with games showing that there is good money to be made in throwback games, why not go back to the star of Capcom for the first part of the 90’s?


9 Ghost and Goblins


Quite possibly one of the most hardest games Capcom has ever made,Ghost and Goblins have you transverse through a series of treacherous platforms while dealing with the likes of zombies, ghosts, and other hazardous monsters stopping you from saving the princess. It’s a classic knight in shining armor rescuing the princess but with a difficulty spike up to 10. The game is brutal and frustrating, and you have to beat the game twice just to get the good ending. After a remake, Super Ghost and Goblins, there were no more games made for the series, except for a Maximo on the PS2, a spiritual successor. With gamers demanding something challenging once in a while, like Super Meat Boy or some sort of bullet hell games, it’s only fitting if Capcom would bring back this game from the depths of hell and challenge gamers to a game that can surely unleash their fury of rage and anger. Especially if it’s challenge a game like Cuphead.


8 Viewtiful Joe


Capcom’s greatest hero had been overlooked by gamers despite how good the game is. It’s innovative, fun, had great new mechanics, and exciting superhero/movie hero theme. Joe is no doubt an exciting character we all can relate since his love for action movies and wanting to become one. It's as simple as that like if we are kids once more. The cast is just outstanding with flamboyant attitudes just like Joe himself. Joe, Alastor, Captain Blue, the bosses. And the battle for good against evil is astronomical. It’s been over ten years since his last appearance, so just like a action hero star coming out of retirement, it’s about time Joe gets his 4 star performance once more in another reboot from Capcom.


7 Dino Crisis


If Resident Evil has shown anything, is that there is a chance to go back to the roots and reintroduce the concept of fear in horror games. While Resident Evil has made action DLCs to toss away the concept of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 7 still nailed it with how horror is done inside a scary mansion fill with a creepy family. The VR experience kicked off the ideal of playing the game in first person perspective with your surrounding being super eerie and grueling. That can be said the same with Dino Crisis. Sure, Dino Crisis did died a horrible death after the release of Dino Crisis 3, but with the popularity of dinosaurs reignited thanks to Jurassic Park latest releases, why not return to the alternative game that isn’t resident evil. Exploring an island filled with dinosaurs such as the almighty Raptors or the king T-Rex, especially in a VR, makes it quite a thrill for jump scares and nerve wrecking gameplay that can surely feel like you are going to have a heart attack. The story maybe crap but it maybe far better than dinosaurs in space.


6 Onimusha


If Dinosaurs aren’t a hit and zombies is still the fad, then why not zombies in feudal era Japan? The action horror game Onimusha is a great alternative to Resident Evil since it’s zombie with swords. That and also sorcery and demon powers. The Onimusha series has had a good run the PS2 era, with one included that popular french actor from a failed Godzilla film. It’s one of Capcom’s best hit before Resident Evil would make their triumphant return on the home console, and even outperform other similar concept of zombie fighting warriors in the feudal era. A new gameplay concept could help bolster Onimusha and with an idea of sacrificing a being or using an artifact to unleash the demonic hell on earth, it could show that Capcom do have some creativity after all.


5 Rival Schools


Capcom attempt at making a 3D fighting games didn’t sell well in the past, nor did was it able to capture large audience like it hope for with Street Fighter. However, there is one game that is remember by cult followers or hardcore gamers. Rival Schools center around a group of high school students from various schools across Japan as they seek justice for whomever attacked their school. It was able to be on the same timeline as Street Fighter with Sakura as a special guest character in the first game. But even without Sakura’s appearance the game would have been able to have an identity of their own as gamers and capcom fans would still remember characters like Batsu and Shoma, and their only sequel was exciting, bringing in newer characters into the fray while having a better story than the first. Capcom do need an alternative game rather than Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom, and Rival School could be that game that could draw in more money. Seriously, can't the students catch a break?


4 A Marvel fighting game


Now this may sound ridiculous since A, there is a Marvel fighting game which is crossed over with Capcom, and B, they had a recent release a few years ago. But did you know Marvel had a stand alone fighting game? It has been over 20 years since their last stand alone release with characters such as Wolverine, Spiderman, and Captain America all headlining the roster and Thanos is the main villain. And I think it’s about due time to release another stand alone fighting game. After the failure of Marvel vs Capcom infinite thanks to poor art and a roster, Capcom should give the crossover series a break and let Marvel based characters get a chance to shine. This also could mean we get newer addition from the Marvel comic books such as Arachnid Kid, Falcon, and Ant-man and Wasp, alone with popular comic book heroes and villains from the past.


3 Final Fight


Although it seems that several characters from this series have found home from other fighting game series, it would be good to great to have Final Fight get a reboot after the terrible transition from 2D to 3D. Final Fight is a great Beat ‘em up games, almost legendary next to Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, where you take back Metro City from a syndicate crime team. Taking control of either Cody, Haggar, and Guy, each with their own playstyle and moveset. Newer characters from later editions are good as well, not as member as the original three, and including Poison and Hugo, or other former MAD Gear members would be a great addition. With Streets of Rage having a reboot coming out as a continuation of past Streets of Rage games, Final Fight should be getting the same chance like their counterpart only with newer characters and villains, just imagine playing as either Poison or Hugo for the forces of justice, or Cody in a business suit.


2 Power Stone


Of all the games that has never received a reboot or HD remake, this of course is a crime against humanity. Power Stone is one of Capcom’s greatest brawl game. Think of it as Smash Bros, but with superhero power ups after collecting gems. While the first game have a one on one gameplay mode, it’s the sequel that picked up on the action and allowed up to four players to play at the same time. Players can partake in tag team or free for all brawl, using weapons such as swords and bazookas, along with their superhero like super power super attack to take out their opponents. The characters can also be known thou most players may remember Falcon, and the mummy dude who is, surprise surprise, an assassin. It’s crazy, it’s chaotic. And it is everything we love about Capcom back in the late 90’s. Something fun, innovative, and new. Well...mostly fun and innovative.


1 Darkstalkers


Darkstalkers is a franchise that everyone should play. It takes the concept of popular monsters, like dracula, frankenstein, and werewolves, and pit them together in gothic setting fighting game. The game have spawn popular characters such as Morrigan, Felicia, and Demitri, who only made appearances after their darkstalkers series in crossover games. The series was slated to have a reboot about 5 years ago, but dropped due to sales on their HD remake of Darkstalkers Resurrection. Which is a shame of course because it was one of the best releases out of the three games. Since then, the series have been buried 6 feet underground, locked away in a coffin, waiting for Capcom to rise it from the dead, and once again rule the world as one of Capcom’s top fighting game. So come on Capcom, let’s get a return to another great fighting game rather than another release of a Street Fighter game.


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