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Since my last post, there has been a sort of draught. Like everyone wanted to be released in May before the big giant E3 obscures us all with its lumbering weight. Thankfully, some true gems have started to show up again. Below I've got a Full Release and two Early Access games.

Reventure is a game I did not see coming but I am so glad I have found, like discovering 7 ice creams in a pack of 6, my emotions went from curious, to surprised to happiness. It should be experienced by all and I'm not just saying that because the game told me to.
The two Early Access games on my list have similar attributes in the sense that they both have huge amazing potential and you should DEFINITELY check them out... but, be warned (and not dissuaded) of a few tidbits.
In Shattered you will find beauty in the art, music, and world that you explore. You will also find bugs, but it is day one of release and from what I see the amazing devs at Redlock Studio are communicating back and forth with players to fix these for you.
Glorious Companions brings together influences from some of my favourite games and by the looks of reviews, my opinion is echoed as it is compared to Mount & Blade, Fire Emblem and X-COM. The game looks to be feature rich with huge replayability and adventures, but again, being day one of release, a lot of these features that are mentioned are not in the game yet.

Baby steps. I believe in the devs and the games and will keep watching these two Early Access games as they grow and learn.

Check them out below and tell me what you think. Any of these grab your attention like it did mine?



Reventure (https://pixelatto.com/reventure/)
Genre: Adventure, Retro, Comedy
Price: $4.79/£2.99 (40% off till June 11)
Developer - Pixelatto
Publisher - Pixelatto
Release Date - 4th June 2019
Available on PC
Steam Store

The one and only non-linear adventure with 100 different endings. You are a wannabe hero who is supposed to do hero-ish things but sometimes flips off and does crazy stuff instead.

Every now and then I come across a game that exemplifies the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" (although this cover is quite pretty to look at). Reventure may seem like a small throwaway game with nice retro graphics, maybe a dash of parody, but the rabbit hole goes deeper than that. They aren't kidding when they say 100 endings. Not just determined by the choices you make... but also how you end and start your next playthrough. The replayability is through the roof and you're guaranteed to be playing for hours with a big smile on your face.





Shattered: Tales of the Forgotten King  (http://shatteredking-thegame.fr/)
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Price: $24.99/£19.49
Developer - Redlock Studio
Publisher - Redlock Studio
Release Date - 4th June 2019
Available on PC
Steam Store

In the world of Hypnos, a wide continent scattered with huge fortresses and cities in ruins is yours to roam. Switch between 2.5D and 3D phases and dive into the story of a forgotten universe where fierce opponents await. To reach victory, precision in your movements and observation of your enemies will be vital. Are you ready, Wanderer?

They've been through Square Enix Collective, successfully funded on Kickstarter and been in development for just over two years, the final hurdle is now the minefield that is Early Access. Now upon release, it had been bombarded with bad reviews concerning bugs, something that is to be expected from Early Access isn't? Well since that was the only complaint, I decided they are still worth giving a chance, and since then good reviews have flooded onto the page in support. Yes, there are bugs, but I can see so much potential. The art is amazing, the soundtrack beautiful and the world and lore are grand. 
So while they scrub away the bugs that mire this beautiful game, keep watching and support them, the devs are very good at communicating with the player base, so let's communicate back why we love the game and where these nasty bugs are.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We plan to include every area imagined for the game for the release of the game, whereas the early access will only open the doors of the few areas that are done at this stage. We also plan to add a wider variety of foes and bosses, as well as more narrative content and non playing characters that the player can meet.”





Glorious Companions  (https://gloriouscompanions.com/)
Genre: RPG, Open World, Strategy
Price: $26.99/£21.41 (10% off till June 11)
Developer - Ancient Forge Studio
Publisher - Ancient Forge Studio
Release Date - 4th June 2019
Available on PC
Steam Store

A turn-based tactical RPG set in an original dark fantasy world of Navaroth where you craft your own journey as a leader of a mercenary company. Aspire to become a powerful lord, solve the mystery of the Ancient Guardians or just ride around the continent building your fortune on trade. 

Only had to view a few images before I was sold. Strong resemblances to Mount and Blade, had grabbed me and the turn-based battles shook and threw me around. This is a marriage of genres I welcome gladly and although it is still a little barebone with some features missing and repetitive quests, the huge potential is making sure I don't leave its side. Any game where I create my own narrative through adventuring is a must play. Look forward to becoming King in the North again some day.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“In the full version we plan to have the following content and features:

  • 4 playable factions and 1 special mercenary faction
  • Different starting story and quest line for each faction
  • Procedurally generated world map on each play-through with different political climate
  • 5 unit archetypes per faction and at least 3 in the mercenary faction
  • 3 player character archetypes per faction and a character creation system
  • Neutral groups
  • Over 50 spells and special abilities
  • Advanced economic system with resource and city management for later stages of the game
  • City building system
  • City, Village and Outpost Sieges
  • Politics and kingdom management systems

Stay tuned for more New Releases and Early Access picks tomorrow.


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